Bungie Weekly Update: 07/17/09

Bungie writes:

"Look, we know that the lumps we doled out in the Bungie Day Playlist have been hard to take. You're still nursing the bumps and bruises. You wanted to win and it's no surprise to us that now you want a rematch more than anything in the world.

Unfortunately, you're going to have to get over that bout of post-partum. The ass whoopin' we delivered isn't ever going to go away. And while we do have plans to bring the playlist itself back into your Halo 3 experience sometime in the near future, it won't be set up as a mechanism to make it rain Recon. That magical weather machine's time has passed. The clouds have dissipated and the sun is shining."

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RockmanII73470d ago

Well that was an exceptionally boring bungie update. I guess I'm just used to bungie day and E3 coverage for like the past month or so.