Will A Universal Console Promote Maturity?

Ben Dutka writes: "Earlier this week, Denis Dyack said that our current multiple console format in the industry is slowing us down, and that we should take a step forward, learn from the movies, and produce a universal console that would play all video games."

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Pandamobile3476d ago

Multiple consoles will always exist.

If there was one platform, there'd be no competition, and therefore, the universal console company could charge any amount of money for it and there'd be no competition against it to make it keep its prices reasonable.

A single console monopoly is baaaaaad.

phosphor1123476d ago

Plain and simple. It's a fact that a monopoly would occur, and the overall product would decline. It's the basics of economics.

Trollimite3476d ago

one system couldnt please everyone!

Grown Folks Talk3476d ago

it would just go from "My console is better than yours!" to "I'm better than you!".

MysticStrummer3476d ago

I can't believe anyone in the industry really thinks this will happen. The closest equivalent I can think of is the television. New TVs are all set up to receive the same content, but there are vast differences between TVs of different prices. Consoles, being hardware, would have the same basic features with different options depending on how much money you want to spend. Games, being software, would be programmed to take advantage of the basic console features. Some games though, would be made to support features that all consoles didn't have, thus defeating the purpose of a single console format. That's what I think anyway.

Mahr3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

"Will A Universal Console Promote Maturity?"


"Maybe we can move past the hundreds of so-called "journalists" with not-so-hidden agendas."


"Maybe those of an adult age might start acting like adults."


"Of course, certain sites that only exist to promote adolescent flaming and raving over this subject (and you know what they are) would disappear overnight."

Um, no.

"We'd be able to stop dealing with the kids who read the name of this site, the headline, not a word more of the article, and immediately launch into a superiority complex-driven, self-righteous rant of depressing proportions."

A. No.

B. I don't think you'd want that because you'd quickly realize that for the most part, it's not your site name or your headlines that turn people off.

C. That last bit's the pot calling the kettle black, isn't it?

"In short, with the advent of a universal console, maybe everyone would just grow the fu** up."

Of course. Because all of the immaturity on the internet is the direct result of videogame competition.

"Sure, we might still have the people who support BioWare over Square-Enix or something... but at least we will have removed the tumor that ails the gaming community and shackles our ankles."


"There is no moving forward with this level of childishness permeating ever last corner of the social gaming community."

Yeah, those young whippersnappers today will never get ahead in life with their cell phones and their rap music and their different game consoles.

"I'd almost be willing to take a cut in quality to eliminate such a tumor. It would be an agreeable sacrifice in my eyes. No longer would a person's sole purpose in life be to dissect every last editorial written in an attempt to spot bias."

Yes, gaming's direction should be decided entirely by how it will affect arguments on the internet.

"No longer would every last "debate" erupt into pathetic flaming and other personal attacks."

You think that would happen? That's cute.

"It might force everyone to abandon such idiocy, simply because the option won't exist anymore."


"And because we clearly can't fend for ourselves, a higher power might have to strip away the cause of the problem."

Having choices leads to arguments on internet message boards, therefore we should eliminate individual choice. That's the answer. Yes.