GameSpot: The King of Fighters XII Updated Hands-On

GameSpot writes: "You'll have an opportunity to do this with the game's single-player modes, though curiously there's only an arcade mode (which puts you in five time-trial matches that, again, have no boss fight) and a practice mode. There's no survival mode, a standard feature in previous home versions of KOF, and no KOFXI-style challenge mode. Otherwise, you can play the game against another player in your living room or online using Xbox Live or PSN, check a "gallery" mode for portraits, purchase items from your console's online service, and fiddle with the game's options, including a visual "soft filter" that will antialias the characters up to three passes, taking some of the edge off the originally jagged arcade sprites if you wish. KOFXII ships out at the end of July".

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