Aaron Greenburg responds to SCEE's massive GamesCom conference

After learning that Sony's GamesCom conference will last a whopping 3hrs GamesRaid asked Aaron Greenberg if Microsoft's conference would last as long, he responded that the conference will not share the same length.

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KionicWarlord2223475d ago

"3 hours WOW, I hope the seats are comfortable…and no we are not doing anything like that."

Smooth Aaron Greenburg...smooth.

doctorstrange3475d ago

But Greenberg has improved a lot, and has become a much more likeable man

Carl14123475d ago

I hope their laptops have long battery lives. Or they have a lot of plug sockets in the hall.

Good of Greeny to not say "3 hours? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL" or something similar ;)

Bnet3433475d ago

Well 3 hours is too long if you ask me. It's like sitting in a classroom listening to your professor go on with a lecture for that amount of time. Gets boring and tiring

Carl14123475d ago

I actually like long conferences. Nothing better than a lot of interesting graphs.

The sad thing is, i'm not being sarcastic

RememberThe3573475d ago

What the hell are they going to be talking about?

doctorstrange3475d ago

3hrs worth of game announcements, price cuts and release dates, but that would be to much to ask for, it will probably be mainly boring, but with some great bits in between

SnuggleBandit3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

he's a hell of a lot better than steve ballmer...that guy always pisses me off

that just annoys me...idk about anyone else. I know he's just getting them excited but c'mon a CEO???

phosphor1123475d ago

you'd be jumping around like a giddy kid in a candy store?

MazzingerZ3475d ago

If you spend 3 hours watching concept videos or listening/watching people on stage that has nothing to do with gaming rather than live stage demos of games with the developers then yes, 3h is too long

uie4rhig3475d ago

that sony had saved the GT5 release date for GamesCom or Leipzig! Europeans are the craziest about GT games.. also i wouldn't be surprised if GT5 sold less than Forza 3 in the US, while in the EU and Japan, Forza 3 would sell less..

Rampant3475d ago

They enter the stage, show Gran Turismo 5, announce a release date and save 2h57min for applause.

unknownhero11233475d ago

lol, I can imagine that happening. would make for a funny video if you think about it. bubbles for you!

Kaneda3474d ago

He should have say. Sony got a lot of exclusive games. 3 hour is not enough for them to cover all their exclusives.

EpicGamerSwordsman3474d ago

They always use the same pic of aaron greenburg for every article about him stating something.

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doctorstrange3475d ago

But at least they are announcing a new game at ComicCom

doctorstrange3475d ago

he is a tad cheeky, but at least he is being honest and is not massively attacking Sony

Teddybee3475d ago

I remember when he used to really lay in to Sony and do it at every possible instance

mastiffchild3475d ago

But he was becoming embarrassing. Not just to MS or humself but to the industry-and lets face it whether you like Aaron or not he wasn't alone in this kind of badmouthing just more prominent. I've winced at some of the things he's said to attack Sony by ignoring the world outside the US and I suppose someone told him that , actually, people from other places buy our consoles Aaron and they don't all come from cultures where your kind of rhetoric is seen as fair play. Oh, and that they pobably don't take well to you thinking their territoyu either doesn't exist or matter to a high ranking MS exec!

Whatever, the one liners are much less annoying than the thought out NPD data BS that he used to spout as gospel. Lets hope that his change of character isn't isolated and all the other industry gobsh1tes wise up a bit too. He's still fantasatically ugly, mind, and I gope he's been working out since that damn photo that makes it look like he grew that demi-beard(not a real mans grizzly adams , is it?)to hide his second or third chin!

kaveti66163475d ago

I can't imagine how Sony or anybody can take up 3 hours. In college classes the professors make us get up and do 15 minute presentations and people usually get done in 5 minutes. 3 hours is Lord of the Rings status right there.

My only guess is that 3 hours would be taken up to demo hardware, and so I assume Sony will have a polished presentation of their Motion Wand technology. And probably a couple new game trailers to show and maybe some more news about Agent. I don't want start any arguments about whether their will be a PS3 slim presented here but it could be a possibility.

Hellsvacancy3475d ago

Hopefully Sony wont go on and on about the Psp-Go coz i really dont care about it i want Ps3 related stuff (new games)

doctorstrange3475d ago

but to be honest I would be happy with just expanded news of what was previously shown plus one or two new things

Teddybee3475d ago

I doubt that they'll show that much, but it should still be fun.

Off topic - Whats happened to N4G's approvers, this topic still hasn't been approved and the whole place is being filled with unnaprived posts

Rob0g0rilla3475d ago

"My only guess is that 3 hours would be taken up to demo hardware, and so I assume Sony will have a polished presentation of their Motion Wand technology."

Exactly what I'm thinking. Some of their E3 presentation seemed rushed. I think we'll also get more information on the PSP Go's bite sized mini games and non-gaming related apps.

molotov993475d ago

Maybe some more info on PlayStation Cloud?

Christopher3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

Nevermind. I'm tired and shouldn't be posting. Honestly, I just hope Sony spends 95% of that time talking about games and hardware rather than sales figures.

voodoo3413475d ago

You're assuming it's all going to be about the PS3, PS2 or PSP and games. They could very easily spend an hour talking about their upcoming movies eg 2012, District 9 etc. All of which would interest people at conference.

Perkel3475d ago

remember e3 ? it was about 2 h long and it was shoooort .. they didn't even show rest of their titles... and gt5 was about 2 minutes trailer....

Jecht3475d ago

except it's called GamesCon, so why would they be talking about movies?

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Why dis3475d ago

Its not about who has longer conferences its more about who's will be filled with fluff or info and content.

doctorstrange3475d ago

but having a longer conference makes it easier for there to be more info and content

KionicWarlord2223475d ago

MS better fill me with a lot of fluff after there`s.

No Natal...


3475d ago
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pippoppow3475d ago

That was MS' conference if anything. Having 2 members of the Beatles on stage. A tech demo. Millions on lights and stage presentation. Of course all you see is grandeur from MS.

mastiffchild3475d ago

MS had more "fluff" at E3 than Sony did and even at the time I said that 2 hrs wasn't nearly enough for either to do things properly but, again, two 1 and a half hour shows with a break would be best.

The time wating from Sony at E3 was the 15 mins of sales talk that we didn't want or need whereas MS wheeled out the disinterested celebs clueless to the fact that they were only there for the cash and nobody watching actually cared anyway. Who wants to see Yoko onstage with the surviving members of the band she killed off? Not even big Beatles fans would want that even IF they were likely ro be gamers-which they aren't. I realise that the TB Beatles stuff is a big deal but it isn't exclusive and one Beatle might have been a bit better than cluttering the stage with an awkward moment that they should have foreseen.

Also both Sony and MS failed to seem like they even finished so why either asted rime is beyond me. Ten again if T10 just cut out half th times Grenawalt said the word "definitive" MS ight have had an extra ten mins anyway!

Sony and SCEE must just have a lot to say I guess but I really expect a long motion contro tech demo again, reiterations of the PSPGo stuff and gamesand some Eyepet/Eyedentify showings as well. GT5 might be the big surprise element as the EU REALLY buys GT.

a_squirrel3475d ago

poor rushin guy (lol, love that :D )


coolirisGB3475d ago

Just because Microsoft had better presentation showing what they will offer doesn't make their conference full of "fluff".
Microsoft showed plenty of AAA games with plenty of them coming out in 2009. Microsoft also showed a wonderful LIVE update and Natal, the company did not even have enough time to show all they had wanted. I don't get it I thought Sony was showing graphs and talking about charts to kill time.

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