Screenwriter Believes Halo Is "Our Generation's Star Wars"

Kotaku: Stuart Beattie, responsible for big screen adaptations of Pirates of the Caribbean and G.I. Joe, is a big Halo fan, having "read every book, played every game, every graphic novel." Proof? His unsolicited Halo: Fall of Reach screenplay from 2007.

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XboxUltimateAlliance3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

Just imagine when Peter Jackson starts up the Halo movie after he makes his Halo: Chronicles game.

If a Halo trailer can look this good:

Just imagine what a movie made by Peter Jackson will come out like in the Halo Universe. :S

Master Chief will pwn even Darth Vader!!!

KionicWarlord2223473d ago

It would be interesting to see this movie finally come out.

socomnick3473d ago

Yea that halo wars cutscene was epic.

Jinxstar3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

Our generations Star Wars is Star Wars.... this guy is a tool.

Not saying it wont be good but it wont be SW.

ShabzS3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

if they just let peter jackson and neil bolmcamp make that halo movie it would be awesome...i mean the spartans are already like jedis... laser swords are also there...

Qui-Gon Jim3473d ago

There's a lot more to Star Wars than special effects, Jedi, and "laser swords." I don't see any videogame storyline, especiallyone from a FPS, to match the complexities of Star Wars. In terms of popularity, maybe, but never in the story it tells. We're talking about a story that has gotten a Smithsonian exhibit here (and yes, the exhibit was about the story and how it is adapted from the classic "hero's tale," not about it as a pop culture phenomenon).

Bnet3433473d ago

I don't think Halo could be as big as Star Wars, but it's nice to get praise from a credible individual in the hollywood biz like that. Halo could be big, I doubt Star Wars big, unless Peter Jackson makes epic movies out of the Halo name.

StanLee3473d ago

It amazes me how much of a pop culture and cultural phenomenon Halo is but I still don't know if it can have the generational impact Star Wars did. But I suppose for a generation born after 1990, it very well could have that significance.

likedamaster3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

Seriously, read the novels.

The Halo games are what they should be.

Jinxstar3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

@ Likedamaster.

Seriously read the SW novels. Tell you what if this movie rates anywhere close to SW I will send you my PS3.

But if the reviews blow you send me your 360. Deal?

JsonHenry3473d ago

Halo is mediocre at best. The Master Chief is LAME compared to Han Solo. But right on par with Luke or baby Darth Vader.

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jerethdagryphon3473d ago

ive actually read a script for a halo film by alex garland..
the one that was leaked, and i just dont see halo having much film potential theres no room for chaactor growth from the master chief..

his script was just the main scenes from the first halo game with a bit of extra diagloge.

threepy3473d ago

Star Wars...overhyped crap that went on way too long when in reality there's nothing special about it.

Now I'm not a big fan of Halo myself, but even think that's mean. ;)

themyk3473d ago

i don't include the last three. in the star wars saga. but if you can't give the three originals the props they deserve. then i have a hard time considering you a human.

but thats just me.

i'm not even saying you have to love or like star wars. just give it the props it deserves man.

ShabzS3473d ago

star wars is epic ... and i mean all 6 of them ...

Qui-Gon Jim3473d ago

Star Wars can be looked at as a study of the nature of evil and how a good person can turn to it. The prequels add more to that theme.

DevastationEve3473d ago

The general concensus is that if you ask any original Star Wars fan (read PURIST) they'll tell you that the prequels don't stand up as well as the original movies.

I liked the prequels as movies, they showed off the incredible progression of CGI for their time. And that was ALWAYS Lucas's goal when he did something: to do it BIG, to do it EPIC, and to do it STATE OF THE ART.

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OmarJA3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )



cyborg69713473d ago

Whatever. Some hollywood hack thinks halo is = to star wars give me a break. It's not even close.

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