Games Cause Violence: But Not Much

Do violent video games make players aggressive? The answer, according to Professor Patrick Markey, is yes. But Markey is no bog standard game basher. He likes shooters and he thinks the effects of violent games have been taken way out of context by the media and by the industry's enemies.

He says, "When you look at the research there's no question at all. Violent video games do cause aggression. It's so clear. You have to be dishonest not to see it. However, and this is a huge however, the effect is very, very small.

"It's not as if this is a light switch that either video games do or do not cause aggression. You have to think about the strength of that effect. Most people assume it has a really big effect, but what we find from research is it actually has a very tiny effect."

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InMyOpinion4199d ago

People cause violence, not games...

BrotherSic4199d ago

Nice to see an opinion back up by for empirical evidence once. His conclusions seem logical based on his own study and I would probably agree with him based on my own personal experience.

calderra4199d ago

People cutting each other off in traffic probably results in more violence and death every day than violent games ever will.

Does playing a violent game make kids (temporarily) more agressive? Sure. So does getting an 'A' on a report card, finishing a treehouse, or getting a shiny new skateboard, for some random examples.

The Real Joker4199d ago

I just finished a tree house and the last thing I felt was aggressive. Maybe a little horny.