How to Survive a Zombie Invasion

Fact: zombie invasions suck. Just ask anyone who's been through one, and he'll tell you: "bluurble gurrble braiiins." Does that sound like the guttural moaning of someone who had a good time? No, it sure as shit does not.

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Boldy3474d ago (Edited 3474d ago )

That was the funniest zombie survival guide I've ever read.

Especially liked:

"If you’ve played Left 4 Dead recently, you should know that zombies can’t open doors. It’s not so much that they lack the cognitive power to understand latch and hinge mechanisms - even dogs can figure that out - it’s just that they tend to favor more dramatic entries. In fact, as a general rule, if it would be scarier, or look cooler, that’s what a zombie will do."

and the bit about appropriate survival armor for female survivors.