Should Home Be Foreclosed?

Today Nick McCandless from talks about PlayStation Home and how it could be improved. They keep bringing us these spaces, but is that going to keep us all coming back everyday?

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Nick2120043471d ago

Leave a comment with your thoughts on PlayStation Home and what you feel needs added or improved.

Pandemic3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

No need to comment telling people to leave there thoughts, that's the whole point of the commenting system, for people to leave there thoughts... -_- (And to argue..)

doctorstrange3471d ago

I think they are doing a pretty fine job, as long as they keep up the stream of spaces and games I'll be happy. Although to improve I would like the EU home to be up to date with the US home as well as getting all the cool Japanese home content. Plus, I don't like it when they release spaces that have absolutely nothing to do in them - more minigames please! Oh and don't charge as much for clothes and bring a Killzone space already!!

Nick2120043471d ago

If you watched the video, I stated that they are doing a great job bringing us content in Home, but is that really going to keep you guys coming back? I know for me, that I spend about 20 minutes a week in Home just to check out the new space or two and then I am done.

Trollimite3471d ago

who do you think you are???? ill comment however i please!

infact i think ill say something off topic, to celebrate my freedom of speech!

i like chocolate milk!

Mr.Mister3471d ago

:O i like chocolate milk also here you a bubble

RememberThe3573471d ago

HOLY CRAP! Me too! I thought I was the only one.

ape0073471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

give home big updates instead of 1 space every 2 weeks,add trophy room,have custom music in home,reduce load times,integrate home in the xmb itself

ONE thing I really hate about home,HOME FEELS SOOO LIFELESS,no sounds(walking,clapping,etc),p oor animations,low production values and overall silence,THAT'S why MANY feel that home is boring and dull

sony im really pissed,I just remember all the promises and hype and then....disappointed,very disappointed

Sangria3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

I prefer regular milk.

IMO there are three things Sony must do to grant a better Home experience:
- provide the same content for everyone at the same time (just go through US, EU and Japanese Homes and you'll see big differences);

- provide an equal number of content for men and women (men have much more stuff while women are almost discredited whereas women represent 40% of the gaming industry);

- adapt prices to the content. It's a shame to pay 1.99€ a pair of shoes or a simple T-shirt. They should adapt their prices following the type of stuff: low price for shoes and gloves, normal price for shirt and trousers, big price for flats. But in overall, prices are a bit high.

With such equality, browsing Home would be more interesting, and they can provide more content in that way.

Bnet3433471d ago

Right, well, here's what I think of Home, it sucks.

poopsack3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )


Ape I agree, i like home but it does feel lifeless. They also have to work on lines, why make lines virtually?

LordMarius3471d ago

The title made me laugh but this is just flamebait

Jinxstar3471d ago

It's free... It add's value and something to do to kill some time... It may not be the social networking behemoth I thought it would be but I still log in from time to time. honestly I think most of it is on developers to create something cool. There are some cool things in it but there are issues as well. Loads take way too long, I hate not being able to play arcades when someone else is and other things but really I have enjoyed things like the resistance area with shooting down alien stuff and other things as well. No need to foreclose it. It add's a lot and when it gets out of Beta I'm sure it will be great. Not a "system seller" but great for those who have it.

Blaze9293471d ago

ROFL LMFAO WOW! Ok that was freakin hilarious, applauds to thegameraccess for that one.

But anyway if it's costing Sony alot of money and resources I say yeah, it should be "foreclosed." All that valuable money and time could be spent somewhere else making games or better features for PSN and the PS3. Like everyone said when HOME was announced, it's a huge risk and it it doesnt take off like Sony hope they'll be in trouble.

Me personally, I think it sucks. I havent booted back into since the open beta launched becuase there is no reason to. And I was REALLY excited about HOME when it was announced so don't take my comment as some dumb fanboy. It, lets be honest.

f7897903471d ago

We need guns to shoot up the bowling alley. Charge $1 a day and 2 million people would go on a rampage.

Bnet3433471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

Why? Because it's boring. You walk around talk to people you don't know. It's boring. I find it boring. It sucks. I'm not the only PS3 owner who feels that way.

Check out this ownage:

poopsack3471d ago

whats with the damn need to overreact to a question?

LoVeRSaMa3471d ago

I think your rooms abit of a mess =D

rockleex3471d ago

To help streamline Home. Make it load faster, have stable frame rates, support more players per space, etc.

Sony should also release the XMB version of Home that was talked about before Home's release.

Sony needs to get rid of waiting lines for games too. -_-"
No one wants to wait through all the loading screens just to WAIT ONCE MORE in a waiting line.

Home is successful, it brings Sony a lot of profit. But Home is still not convenient enough for the majority of people to spend time in. Like I said, they need to get cracking on the Home 2.0 Open Beta.

Raz3471d ago

How about streamlining the load times, for a start? I've spent damn near 5 minutes just logging in, another 3 minutes downloading all the updates, and then about 10 minutes waiting for the images in the stores to load so I can see what I'm buying. And I have a high-speed connection! Oh, and clothes need to be previewed on my avatar - not some crappy little 4x4 'artist's rendition' box art.

Speaking of boxes, that's what it feels like to be walking around in Home. A transparent plastic box, with animations in it. I can bump into other boxes; and even push invisible buttons to trigger events. The most fun I've gotten out of it has been the glitches. And they fixed the waterfall, damn it! How am I going to impress people with my powers of levitation now??

I don't pretend to understand all the complexities. But we have games with realistic, destructible, fully-interactive environments, convincing character rendering, RPG elements, etc...all the wonderful things that make us want to spend more time with them. More of that realism and immersion (much of it already produced by Sony on other projects) needs to make its way into Home.

The real problem: Home was not created as a game, but a social networking site (and an e-billboard for Sony & affiliates). I say it *should* be a game, the ultimate PS3 MMO containing all the possibilities of great PS3 games.

Instead we have a stiff, awkward version of the Sims. And my avatar's options are far more limited. He *wishes* he was a Sim. But he's just another Homer. ..D'oh.

Redempteur3471d ago

it take a lot of time ONLY because youhave a lot of updates to do ..

i barely spend 1 minute getting accès to the area i want when i use it ...

Also HOME Should NOT be a game . it's perfectly fine as it is just need more content and game supporting " game launches ".



Also Home is already a success since it generates money and many publishers are intrested ...

gaffyh3470d ago

Home sucks. It really does, but there are some people that like this service, and for them it should stay open. There are free mini-games to play and I'd like to have the option rather than not.

At the end of the day Home is making a LOT of money for Sony, micro-transactions are definitely the way forward.

jack_burt0n3470d ago

Seriously Blogs 4 Gimps needs to step up their quality control, home appeals to ppl who dont sit on a news for gamers site all day, who frickin cares, its free, it runs pretty well, and the buzz space is a decent free distraction not to mention the friends i have made bowling.

Stick this article up ur a**.

DaTruth3470d ago

Home is exactly what they said it would be and maybe more than I expected with all the new content; However, it doesn't appeal to me and a lot of other people. You can't go saying "All the promises", when they delivered exactly the product they promised; They didn't promise it would appeal to you personally!

If you like social networking or if you are a guy, who likes to dress up like a girl avatar and walk around making homosexual remarks and actions, then Home is probably for you! But I guess we're not those type of people!

I say if you don't like it, leave it for those who do!

Pain3470d ago

""OMG Virtual world kick A$$ go MS home clone yippee!!!""

kinda like the flood of Pro motion control Fans after MS's E3 2009...

ape0073470d ago

"If you like social networking or if you are a guy, who likes to dress up like a girl avatar and walk around making homosexual remarks and actions, then Home is probably for you! But I guess we're not those type of people!"

never ever ever,I have dignity,self respect,I respect others,no way im gonna EVER do this

peace and game on dude,I still have some faith in home,hope for BIG updates

ThanatosDMC3470d ago

HAHAHAHHA! I've scored higher before! Got no proof though... damn.

Beyond me why people use the default gun in close quarters combat... STA11 submachine gun FTW!

On topic:

A lot of people use Home to "meet" people... ugly women flirting horny young guys.

Arnon3470d ago

Home for me is one of the most pointless things on my PS3. But, there's people who probably love the service, so they should probably keep it up. That is unless, it's a money hole for Sony.

Raz3469d ago

Yes, Redempteur; I know it's not an MMO. That's the problem. I just said it SHOULD be, since that would be far more entertaining - how many people are on WoW, do you suppose? It's just one man's opinion, naturally - but I notice I have as many agrees as you have disagrees.

And not only am I aware that it is profitable - I pointed it out myself as an answer to the people whose mantra is 'it's free!'.

To those who think that being forced to look at ads is no big deal: you've already been heavily brainwashed by the corporate cool machine; and are in severe need of unplugging, because the Matrix has you.

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dizlaoboi9163471d ago

having something crappy is still better then having nothing at all, give me a bat or the option to melee' someone in the face, good video nick

navyguy213471d ago

I think they should foreclose home, bulldoze it, and build some cross game voice chat, invites, and party chat on top of it. I love my PS3, but i think HOME was a waste of money, manpower, and resources. They shouldve at least sent out surveys to gauge interest, im sure they wouldve saved billions. We need features that we ACTUALLY USE, not a gamer's version of second life. K2, and Resistance 2 would be so much more fun if everyone had mics, and we had more features.

FantasyStar3471d ago

I have to agree with navyguy.

There are far more important things to gamers than just a virtual myspace.

Redempteur3471d ago

That why everyone is trying to bluid an online communitty ? Because nobody is intrested ?

YEAHH right ...

navyguy213471d ago

I get what you are trying to say, but i just dont thing we PS3 gamers want THAT kind of community. IMO, its like HOME is a virtual lobby, and you know how gamer LOATHE long lobby waits. I just dont see hardcore gamers (like the ones on gaming forums) hanging around in HOME because we are busy playing warhawk, K2, R2, LBP, and all these other great games, if i could do THAT in home, then im there. Take the game launching feature, wouldnt it be faster to just chat over cross game chat and do that?? I just think HOME was decided by corporate puppets who have no idea what gamers want, and wanted our money to be spent on PSN. But we want GAMING RELATED features, not a virtual apartment, I can play Sims 3 for that. No disrespect meant to you though, i respect your opinion, i just disagree is all.

rockleex3471d ago

But its just not that convenient right now.

Sony needs to take a LOOONG hard look at how non-convenient Home is, and fix it.

Redempteur3471d ago

i also get what you're trying to say but i disagree with you .

Gamers?? You seems to think that EVERY gamer is the same kind of person every time . That's false.
I have seen so many people getting ready for a online seesion of wipeout , gta , burnout , SF4 , resistance . I prefer waiting in such an online lobby than in a boring menu ...
People are addicted in home .. People really stay in home .Did you see the high scores for the mini games ? It's clear that All kind of people (Including gamers) are spending time in home.

"This isn't for me .i prefer playing a real game .. ect ect "
Yeah that's true . you're right. But home is not meant to be a game . Why can't people do both ? That's right people do . I do go in home sometimes ( and even more since the buzz QG came back ). And the argument that there is nothing to do is invalid now .And you can have a pretty avatar without spending anything thanks to the numerous events that came regularly or the rewards for the mini games ( like infamous )...

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aiphanes3471d ago

With EAs support it is shaping up to be really awesome.

Firmware 3.0 will show what it can really do!

Nick2120043471d ago

How do you know what is coming in PS3 3.00? I hope you aren't basing it off of the RUMORS.

Marcelles253471d ago

is gonna have cross game chat in some form so they just need to release that

Godmars2903471d ago

Home exist on PSN. but PSN firmware and updates don't effect HOME.

Czin3471d ago

I think what Sony was looking for with the Home is something that will keep consumers occupied for a bit until they can come out with their next big hit. That's why they aren't putting their best into it. It's something that they don't want to spend too much money on. As for completely getting rid of it, I don't think that they should because there are some people that do enjoy themselves on home for many hours a day. It's just that we don't hear about or from those people so we assume that the majority of people don't like the way Home is being run.

Serjikal_Strike3471d ago

And for those people that hate it and bash it all the time...all you gotta do is go to it on your XMB ..hit the triangle button then scroll to the delete option then hit X button...
All done..problem solved!

BTW HOME is cool when you get tired of playing old games

ape0073471d ago

"And for those people that hate it and bash it all the time...all you gotta do is go to it on your XMB ..hit the triangle button then scroll to the delete option then hit X button...
All done..problem solved"

what about all the promises??

whothedog3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

you do have to remember it is a beta and will continue to be updated for a long time, the things they promised will probably be added at a later date, I definitely think it would be a lot better if it was added already but hey its free, and for something that is free I don't understand why people complain like they are owed anything. For being free its pretty fun but nothing that will really get me excited about, until they add some of the features like you were saying.

I do agree on the lifelessness of Home, Some spaces are completely silent. whats up with that! put some music or something

Raz3471d ago

I hate it when people say that. "It's free, quit complaining."

NOTHING in life is free. Except maybe air, until we find a way to tax it. Home is profitable or it wouldn't exist. And it profits in two ways - the Stores, which are stocked with virtual items that cost virtually nothing to make, but cost upwards of a buck per copy - and advertising revenue.

So no, it is NOT free. We're paying for it one way or the other. Or both. And those who complain have every right to do so.

whothedog3470d ago

thats funny because I remember paying nothing to download and walk around a virtual world and play virtual games for free. Yes there is virtual items and yes they cost money, but do you really need to buy a shirt to play Home?

I haven't spent a dime in home and the way it is set up at the moment, I won't. So I don't know how you are saying we pay for it one way or another because I know I'm not.

Also if your bit*hing cause of the ads than whatever because of ads is one of the reason I would imagine Home is free so companys can use it for their advertising. "Oh no, I have to look at some billboards with some gametrailers on it."

HOME is in beta phase and is free so no I still don't get when people bit*h about a free app.

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