Achievements and trophies that change the way you play games

Gamer Limit writes "Most gamers all have completely different opinions when it comes to Xbox 360 achievements and PS3 trophies. Some like them, some hate them and some just don't really care.

One reason you see so many different opinions is because gamers can't seem to decide whether achievements actually enhance the game play experience or not. A large percentage of achievements are simply "busy work achievements", which require more of a time investment then a skill investment."

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Austin_SJ3474d ago

Certain achievements and trophies have obviously had a lot of thought go into their creation, but others seem tacked on for no good reason, that is one of the issues with having to have a set number of points per games. Surely big games warrant more rewards?

Ziriux3474d ago

Agreed, something that has always bothered me though is a developer making a game not having an even 1k, but some kind of an odd number. I wanted my score to be perfect by 1k's but nooooooo.

chrisjc3474d ago

Some of these are eye-opening!

Ziriux3474d ago

Ahh I was such an achievement whore, I stopped being one right after the time they finished the Old Spice promotion.

GrahameG3474d ago

Achievements/Trophies are a great way to add longevity to a game, it can propel players to try new things or play the game a different way.

But I detest those people who think they're awesome because they're gamerscore is super high. Seriously, all it shows is you either have a gamefly account, a high disposable income, or your parents buy you too much.

What's so cool about "achievement unlocked" anyway? Are we that much of a needy society that we need a console to pat us on the back every time we do something in a game?

Cajun Chicken3474d ago

My thoughts exactly, but I must admit, sometimes its quite nice just having something that people can track to see that you've completed a game. I hate pretty much all the other ones, they should be ingame like when Ratchet had skill points on PS2, I really don't quite get how people could be excited by achievements or trophies.

I just play the game really, I'm not going to waste time for a little sidequest of a meta-game after I've completed the actual game and concluded the storyline.

As for multiplayer, I can see it being good for that, but it really does show you have far too much time on your hands.

Elimin83474d ago

I was riding the trophy train till i hit the 10,000 kills trophy in resistance 2 and that is the only one I need to get platinum I figure Funk it that ish is too time consuming.

jessupj3474d ago (Edited 3474d ago )

I like trophies because it's a way to show off my skills. I'm not talking about having a huge case of trophies, even platnium trophies. There's quite a few platniums out there that are easy to obtain.

I'm talking about specific trophies. Take wipeout HDs 'Beat Zico' (lap time of 30.82 secs on Anulpha Pass), or Killzone 2s 'Heroic Survivorr' or 'Valor Grand Cross' (get in the top 1% on the online rankings at the end of the week) Only very very skillful, dedicated gamers could obtian such trophies.

If you saw trophies like that on someone's profile, you know they're not your average gamer. You know their very skilled and would most likely pummel you in an online match.

That's why I like trophies, so I can show the world my hard work.

Qui-Gon Jim3474d ago

If not for the platinum trophy hanging out in front of me, i wouldn't have played Bioshock or Uncharted on the hardest difficulty. Usually once i get the story i'm done with a game (except for certain games, 4 playthroughs of MGS4), but Bioshock was very rewarding on Survivor difficulty. Trophies/achievements can also encourage using new tactics like getting "environmental kills" or using weapons or combos you otherwise wouldn't.

Some can just be stupid, though. A secret trophy for getting the jackpot on a slot machine in Bioshock? Why would anyone try for that without knowing about it?

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kaveti66163474d ago

Achievements make me slow down during games like Assassin's Creed and Bioshock. I enter areas several times in search of flags or audio diaries, and if anyone has played Bioshock they know how annoying it is to backtrack because the splicers respawn and so do Big Daddies. I always get caught up in the fights between splicers and Big Daddies.

Qui-Gon Jim3474d ago

In Bioshock try waiting till the end to go backtracking. Right near the end you will gain some things that together make splicers completely ignore you unless you attack them. You'll know what they are after you start that part.

GameOn3474d ago

The audiotape acheivement was the only one I missed in BioShock. I think I missed one tape somewhere.

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