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Jack Patton writes: "Since the dawn of PS3, one of the most frequent phrases uttered by the millions of SONY supporters was 'Killzone 2 is gonna rock' and rock it did but here's the thing. Killzone 2 is one of, if not the, most critically acclaimed games of 2009. So of course, you get the millions of fanboys, or maybe just Killzone fans, immediately hailing it as gaming perfection. If I'm honest for the first ten hours, I thought it was perfect too."

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Chubear3471d ago

if halo3 can seen as a 10/10 type game then Killzone2 is certainly a 20/10 game cause it outright slaughters halo in EVERY SINGLE AREA of gaming.

Go on, disagree and show me what with a vid comparison what halo does that remotely comes anywhere near what this the game presents. If halo3 is a 10 type game this game is ATLEAST a 10 type game too.

I beg you prove me wrong and show me some comparison vids of

Animation; sound; weaponry; voice acting; Game pacing; gameplay elements; general presentation; Graphics (both on and off line). Show me. lol

solar3471d ago

they forgot the . in front of the 4

silverchode3470d ago

the difference between halo3 and kz2 is that halo3 is much more fun. you guys need to accept kz2 did not live up to the hype.

Traveler3470d ago

That's just the thing, Halo 3 isn't more fun to me. I own both games and I play Killzone 2 a lot more than Halo 3.

Please don't state your opinions as facts. It might not have lived up to the hype for you, but it sure did to me.

dawgsfan1173470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

I own both and I like them about the same with a slight edge to Halo 3. The reason I prefer Halo 3 is the 4-player co-op which adds exponentially to the games replay value and of course the massive amount of online content and a map editor which makes for some awsome user generated content.

Dont get me wrong I loved Killzone 2 and it was the best looking game that ive played to date other than Crysis. But it did have flaws. I got tired of the colorless city streets after a while but the one glaring problem with the game was the cameras location. I was looking into the stomach of other people instead of their faces. I mean how do you screw that up when your making the game??

Marquis_de_Sade3470d ago

Chubear, don't try and force your opinions upon us, gameplay is very much down to personal choice. KZ2 is clearly far superior technically and sounds incredible, but Halo 3 is great fun to play. Both are great online and both for different reasons.

Arnon3470d ago

I think Halo 3 is a lot more enjoyable. The only thing Killzone 2 slaughters is graphics. Halo 3 has more game modes, more options, more maps, more weapons, vehicles and pretty much more of everything compared to Killzone 2.

And honestly... graphics in a shooter that people want to play for multiplayer is pointless. They just want pure gameplay.

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Bagogames3471d ago

Completely matches my opinion of the game! Incredible!

Such a fine writer!

Good job! :P

Blaze9293471d ago

lmao lemme guess, you're the "writer" or staff on that website.

Ziriux3471d ago

@ Blaze

I'm going to give you a bubbles because you commented in something else than a report feature, lol.

Traveler3471d ago

The review doesn't match my opinion. Killzone 2 is my favorite shooter thus far this generation.

G3TDOWN3471d ago

Anything under 9.5/10 is fishy and websites should be checked by FBI. Maybe terrorists are attacking the U.S gaming industry

MNicholas3471d ago

Here's a real US Military flame-thrower.

KZ2's is the same only scaled down for indoor spaces.

TOO PAWNED3471d ago

Ha this TOOL is praising him self! How transparent! we can see your username kid(born 91 lol still child that can't write proper English "writer" lol).
I think you should RE-re-review it and give it 3/5, since you are such a good "writer".
You will learn kid, that once you fail on internet, you are done, just like that. gamers don't forget, ever!

Boody-Bandit3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

That is exactly what I thought after reading this article and his responses here. Any kid with web space can write a review (no matter how poorly written) and get it approved here.

Xbox Avatars Shoe3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

"it has to many shortcomings to warrant that titles"

LOL! You lost any pre-existing credibility in the second paragraph! That articles grammar is painful to read!

First of all it's "too" with two "o"s; second, WTF does "to warrant that titles" mean?

I LOL'd at "So then I started replaying the game to find faults, and it wasn’t very hard. This article/re-review will look at things you perhaps missed" LOLOL! Who the f*ck plays a game to find faults? I play games to have fun, not to b*tch. I could hop on the amazing MGS4 and not have fun and find faults... oh wait, MGS4 is perfect :P

What a joke seriously... FAIL!

brandynevils3470d ago

Haven't I taught you better than to leave yourself comments?

tsk tsk tsk

Headshot813470d ago

Its like GG dove into my mind for ideas to create a [email protected] BAD ASS game!!!!. it took me a while, but now im a killin'machine. Nothing like flying solo and going against a squad, 1vs4,and taking all of them out as you see your name is filling up the corner of the screen when you light'em up.WTF! i just got sniped,i respawn and spot and mark my target while cloaked, funny that he's lookin away trying to find his next unsuspecting victim,never had a chance,<POUghh!!!!>(Head shot)his helmet pops like popcorn,( bell noise) SCHEME!!, confirmed kill.

JL3470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

Holy sh*t, I haven't laughed that hard in a while. When I read people saying Patton up there was probably the writer, I just figured it to be fanatics overreacting (like is common on here). Then I ventured to take a peek at that site. Lo and behold, there it is: author is Jack Patton. LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I mean seriously, that might be the saddest thing I've ever seen. Praising his own review as he tries to pretend he's not the same person. That, coupled with the "my reputation as a credible reviewist" remark, is absolutely priceless. I'm not sure whether to take bubbles from this guy or give them to him just to see what kind of gems we get from him in the future. Sad sad sad. Learn English and take some grammar lessons, then you can actually start on that "reviewist" thing. Maybe you can work up from laughable to credible one day.

On that note, why in the world did something like this get approved? Come on, the game is like 5 months old. We don't need reviews for this game anymore. No "re-reviews" either.

Cordell Walker3470d ago

hey jack, guess who lol

In total agreement here too :)

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Traveler3471d ago

Yes it does. It is my favorite shooter right now.

dawgsfan1173470d ago

Yes it does kick ass but its ironic because due to the really low location of the camera in the game you spend your time staring at peoples ass/crotch area.

CheatsMcGee3471d ago

Killzone, an interesting game that I didn't really like very much. I still think FPS games are better on the 360, but Killzone apparently breaks that tradition.

Nice article all around.

Traveler3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

How would FPS games be better on the 360? The 360 and PS3 are just consoles. I play shooters on the 360 and I play shooters on the PS3 and the experience is no different, other than the differences between the games themselves.

doctorstrange3471d ago

I find both consoles controls equally good for the genre. K2 is a pretty damn good game, love the whole theme, graphics and gameplay and definitely deserves to be in this generations hall of fame of top FPS'

saint_john_paul_ii3471d ago

if you meant the controllers, then i would agree that both experiences are difference, other than that, theres no difference at all.

FadeToBlack3470d ago

The 360 controller has a better layout for FPS I dont care what anyone says. I love KZ2 but would rather use a 360 controller if I could.

mastiffchild3470d ago

I'd rather use my, or even someone elses winky than a 360 controller! Just doesn't get on with my slender fingered leftyness at all-for any kind of game! Sadly MS haven't yet got Natal up and running so my dreams of shooting with my own love missile remain just that, dreams;)

But, seriously, the ONLY reason to prefer the gamplay from console to console is controller preference and suitability.

GIJeff3470d ago

got BF1942 on the 360 and ps3 so i can play with all my friends. I get 2 times the score/kills on the ps3. here's whats interesting, on the 360, the game has this weird blurry feel to it. like im looking through dirty glass. i cant read the small text very well and see detail in the distance. However, on the ps3 its noticeably sharper. I'm wondering if that's the "free AA" the 360 gives games...

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Bagogames3471d ago

Guess the username gives it away huh :S

Not all FPS are best suited to Xbox360 actually :p

Although I must say the easy cross-game-chat XBL gives you is a huge plus.

Dead_Cell3471d ago

Will be competitive level again within five minutes of picking up a new FPS.
Whether it be different console,different controller,different button layout it really shouldn't make a difference.