Sony Online Entertainment Lays Off 41 Workers

In a statement to Massively today, Sony Online Entertainment has confirmed that they are laying off 41 full-time workers, equaling 5% of their full-time workforce.

The company's statement provided a wish to increase operational efficiency and reduce costs as the main motivator behind this sudden and unexpected set of layoffs. The positions of those affected by the layoff is currently unknown.

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Cajun Chicken3473d ago

Oh dear. Well, I hope this type of thing doesn't go any further through Sony's first party veins.

Trollimite3473d ago

this has nothing to do with video games!

companies fire people all the time!

what you guys didnt know is that sony is trying to fix the leaks, there are 34 job listings for that very same department!

epic spin!

Shendow3473d ago

MS has laid off alot more then that from the day of the 360's lunch to now, an alot of people are losing jobs and its not just video game company's.

cmrbe3473d ago

Since the PS3 was launched they keep saying they will release something on the PS3. Here and now there is still none and now this?. Hopefully they will get their act together.

PirateThom3473d ago

They released Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom...

SOE are definitely a weak link in Sony's first party studios though. They only recently, like in the last year, became a part of SCEE.