How Much Would You Spend on a Game?

An article discussing how much gamers would spend on games. Also, Baxy-Z compares the cost of gaming back a decade ago compared to now.

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darthv723475d ago

I spent over $100 on an import copy of Batman for the MegaDrive. To understand this you need to understand the story behind Batman the game. Think back to the glory days of the NES. Nintendo had a lock on ALL third parties. No company could make a game for a competing system if they signed a release agreement with nintendo. It was an early form of "exclusivity" contract only it pertained to the company as well as the game.

Now Sunsoft was the company to test that contract. They released the Batman game on the NES while at the same time they developed a version for the megadrive. It was vastly superior but do to contractual limits...was not to be released let alone released in the US. The game did get released in japan as sunsoft fought nintendo for the right to do so. The game won but still was not slated to come to the states.

A company called Diehard was THE import company to turn to when you needed stuff from overseas. They had that game listed much higher than other MD games which is understandable. The other games were simply japan releases of titles that were to be released later in the US. So I bought the MD Batman game and it was cool to have as it wasnt packaged in the basic black box that all Gen/MD games used. It was in a mini-box that actually opened reverse of the norm (kind of like those shonen jump mags).

Long story short (I late) I paid over $100 for this game only to find in an issue of EGM (a couple months later) that Sunsoft had fought Nintendo and won the right to release the game domestically. Actually it was a bunch of developers fought Nintendo and reversed the practice of exclusivity contracts in regards to the companies. The game was coded and released in the US at a nice price of $49.99 (I dont have that one).

There have been lots of games since that never got the chance to see the light of day in other territories (DracX on PCE is another good one to own). I am glad there were import shops then but now not so much as almost ALL games made are released in multiple countries.

WOW...I didnt know I could ramble on like that!

PS..I do own a neogeo home cart system so the story of the batman game is negated having since been forced to pay $200-$300 for neo cart games (then). And here comes the SNK collection on the wii for a mere $20.

Chris3993475d ago

But it was worth every penny. I would have ordered it online, but Play Asia was backlogged for weeks. Clocked a good 150 hours into the game before shelving it for a while.

Naturally, it was announced as being localized about a month after I got the damned thing. Still, I'm not a big fan of 'waiting' to play things, I like to strike while the desire is hot.

No regrets on that purchase at all.

dgroundwater3475d ago

It's somewhere around $63 USD. Call me crazy but I can't bring myself to pay for more than one game at that price on one occasion. Even if it does have "Modern Warfare" in the title.

FFXI1013475d ago

Depends on what the game offers.