Is The PSP go Destined For Failure?

Billy Berghammer Writes:

"When the PSP was first shown at E3 2004, I don't think there was one person that didn't think Sony's new marvel would be a huge success. A small footprint, PlayStation 2 quality graphics, a rich feature set and a beautiful widescreen display. It was beyond sexy. During the same E3, Nintendo debuted their Nintendo DS prototype which looked like a clunky mess next to Sony's beautiful PSP. I personally thought PSP would stomp all over the Nintendo DS, but we all know how that turned out, don't we?

While Sony has released a number of new models improving on the screen, battery life, size and weight of the PSP, the company is planning on releasing their most radical PSP design this Fall –PSP go The smallest and lightest version of the PSP, PSP go forgoes the UMD drive for downloadable games but adds 16GB of internal storage, Bluetooth support, and more.

But, does anyone care? I sure as hell don't."

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Light Yagami3475d ago

Yes...yes it is destined for failure. That may sound arrogant, but it's the truth.

Giant_Enemy_Sackboy3475d ago

About the PSP go and not about ur life ,stupid loser.

user39158003475d ago

True, PSP CRAP-GO its a failure straight out of the gate, just like its big brother the PS3.

Sony should get out of gaming, they have lost touch with what the market wants, and then again the market dont know what they ARE buying, I meant a wii (WTF).

the bottom line its that sony screwed the public and the public got tired off been screwed, and then again there is the mad PS3 followers, like the idiots on this site.

pianplay3475d ago

No it is not. Simple as that.

Liquid Dust3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

I would love to upgrade from my heavy PSP 1000 to that sexy piece of hardware, but unfortunately i think I'm just going to get a larger memory stick and worry about saving money to get all the fantastic releases for PSP and ps3 come October such as Gran Turismo PSP, Motor Storm: Arctic Edge, possibly Uncharted 2 (according to Amazon), and demons souls.

I don't think it will be enough to get current PSP owners to switch, but if they get their advertising group really into gear and have a great app store developed, then I really think they can compete with newcomers and turn those who are currently using an ipod touch/phone for mobile gaming

mastiffchild3475d ago

Well, it's a Sony product so at the very least it'll have a milion articles saying it will however well it's doing!

Fact is the Ho is an experiment for Sony to test a fully digital system without risking a fully fledged redesign of the PSP(which, moaners, WILL have the oft lusted for secong analogue nub/stick-and be amazing for it)-a very sensible idea esp when it was designed to their old handheld brower device.

The very fact Sony even dented the Nintendo dominance of the haand held market is testament to how great, if over pirated(bit so is the DS)and having under used features the PSP has been. Add in the odd fact that the PSP has stayed the most single mindedly nardcore console around and it's even more astounding how well it's done.

CSM-101e3474d ago

i didn't know Sony had a Ho experiment, wish I could get in on the beta of that

hakis863474d ago

I don't have a PSP, but I want one.
If I can choose between the old big chunk and the new slimmer PSP GO I'd definately choose the Go.

mastiffchild3474d ago

@Csm-lol-maybe I've been having a ho experiment of my own seeing how damn sticky my keyboard is! I'll have to get a new one, last week(IIRC) I thought I'd typed bigger but with the "n" next to the "B" on this damn keyboard I'd typed something entirely more abusive(and didn't realise til I got the PMs accusing me of racism!), which wasn't funny at the time whatsoever!

I'm getting a little sick of having to proof read everything I write!

rockleex3473d ago

Trying to type "bigger" but end up hitting the "n" key instead of the "b" key.

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themyk3475d ago

i don't know if it's destined for failure or not.

but i can guarantee them one sale.

3475d ago
morganfell3475d ago

Seriously Bill, if this is all you have to offer to gaming journalism just shut up.

XLiveGamer3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

Typical of a 100% NO MATTER WHAT OBO Console Fanatic. No Morganfell YOU STFUp. No surprised you will react like that for this you Fony Fanatic PR full of B.S.

Now disagree and send me private messages insulting me and the block me you cry baby b!tch.

Your comments are always favoring your plastic god without a good point.

But of course you are a Fony PS Division Ho!

YOU know you cant buy a PSP Go now its too expensive for what it is and your parents are not going to spend $200+ to buy you another PSP for Xmas. But hey a good idea for you and i know you will like it... Why not take your PSP and shuve it tru your ass and tell your parents that somebody stole it at PlayStation Fanatics Defence Force Summer Camp 2009. Maybe they will get touched by your tears while holding the pain in your ass.

Hey Welcome to the Open Zone b!tch.

morganfell3474d ago

Sorry idiot but I am not a kid like you. People here have seen my rigs. I buy what I want, when I want and never have to consider a price tag. It's called hard work, you should try it some time. Maybe one day you'll find out what success is about.

Until then take your one bubble, your adolescent need to beat the swear filter (a true sign of your very young age)and have a nice steaming mug of SFTU. Your need to tell men to anally insert electronic devices also demonstrates your virginity that is tightly bound to sophomoric experimentation.

The fact you think a PSP will fit into a human rectum tells everyone what you and your chosen Sony product have been doing alone in your spare time. No wonder your UMD collection smells. Drink up.

doshey3474d ago

oh god xlivegamer you got to get that sand out of your vagina its making you cranky

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