Mirror's Edge, Prince of Persia $6 on GoGamer

GoGamer's 48 Hour Madness is again underway, this time around offering a host of titles including Mirror's Edge, Prince of Persia, Mercenaries 2 and Shaun White Snowboarding for under $6 while supplies last.


Mirror's Edge has officially sold out for the sale.

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Megaton3470d ago

Gah, PC. Would have bought both if they were on PS3 at that price.

G3TDOWN3469d ago

lol people get games for PC fore free anwyays ahahah thanks to torrents

but yea if they were on the PS3, I would buy them both ! 12 bucks ? that was my yesterday's lunch, a big teryaki chicken + more chicken and a soda

-MD-3469d ago

Same I was gonna get both on 360 at that price. I've already played both but damn 6 bucks is cheap.

free2game3653469d ago

Too bad for you then, because I just bought both on the PC.

f7897903468d ago

Playing it on the pc would be awkward. I'd gladly buy COD5 on the pc for $5 though but they're not selling that.

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HDgamer3469d ago

They may be short but they are definitely worth the money. Mirror's edge is a game that everyone should play, because as a shooter it's not that good but as a sprinting runner it's very good.

ABizzel13469d ago

My problem was Mirror's Edge didn't guide you enough. It was like go here and do this task, but not tell you that you have to lower these cranes in order to escape afterward which got annoying and mad the game hard for no reason. While Prince of Persia had the exact opposite effect it was wayyyyyyyyyyyy toooooooooooooo easyyyyyyyyyy.

But agreed Both games were good experiences and for $6 it would be dumb not to buy them. Merc. 2 as well for me $6 is just too good to pass up. (Depending on how much its trade in value is I may have got SW).

But again their PC only which sucks.

CobraKai3469d ago

This looked too good to be true

TheIneffableBob3469d ago

I love GoGamer's deals. Probably as much as Steam's since the prices are so low and they have lots of games on sale each week.

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