46 seconds of new Devil May Cry 4 action

CVG got a brand new video of Capcom's gorgeous Devil May Cry 4 available to watch.

The latest footage offers a glimpse at the PS3 and Xbox 360 instalments' demon-slaying antics, along with a look at one of the massive boss encounters you'll likely be drooling over when it arrives in the shops later this year.

DMC4 is expected on 360, PS3 and PC sometime this side of Christmas.

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xg-ei8ht4197d ago

Yet another crappy quality video.

Question does a poor vid like that, even make you more interested in the game. Answer :No it does not.

You want to sell these games to as many people as possible, release some decent footage.

IPlayGames4197d ago

Hack and slash, crazy combos, non-stop action all the DMC's been cool except DMC 2(sucked a** did even play it)

Fuzz McDeath4197d ago

....and no surprise, they look like games and not the early videos/"screenshots" /concept renders.

Video quality aside, you can already tell that the graphics in this game are no where near what was hinted at in early "screens". Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it looks bad at all. I just have realistic expectations. Lots of daydreaming fanboys gonna be sad when they find out that they bought into a lie about what these games were gonna look like (motorstorm anyone? great looking game, no where near the "target footage", warhawk? same story, go check out the early "screens" - I'm not picking on PS3 here, just the ones that popped into mind - all from that same batch of E3 "cinematic" trailers). Killzone will almost certainly be the same story.

I'll be interested to see if games that come later in the cycle (like FFXIII) actually look like they keep pretending games will look. Again though, I'm not disappointed at all, because I've been gaming for 25 years and I know what to really expect and don't have absurdly high expectations (I just want fun games).

Ps30074197d ago

What part of this is cool?

Sorry but given I have to choose between this and Ninja Gaiden Sigma im without a doubt forgoing this title.

It doesnt even look fun.

You can tell its running on a 360 to by the cheesy graphics.

Funky Town_TX4197d ago

People signed a petition against capcom for this game? Who the heck cares for this game. Do the enemies fight back? OMG, I always thought Capcom was garbage but this confirms it.