EBC Skirmish 037: Suckerpunched

Draw them into an L-shaped ambush and open fire, its time for another edition of EpicBattleCry! Eidos goes under the axe, as we examine the recent reports that they once again trying to fix review scores for the upcoming Batman: Arkham Asylum, which leads to an even deeper discussion on game scores and whether or not they're still relevant. Next, we open a galactic can of worms by evaluating the state of the Halo franchise and pondering whether it deserves its considerable accolades

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ape0073474d ago (Edited 3474d ago )

were super amazing,jaw dropping and EPIC

halo 3 was a solid title but overrated and overhyped imho,online multiplayer is amazing,single player is decent but nothing like 1 and 2

I give halo 3 8.5 to 9 imo

can't wait for odst sep 22nd as well as reach

good luck bunjie,bunjie listen guys the halo name is still STRONG,hope for a major jump in halo reach

Rainstorm813474d ago

playing as the arbitor made me mad with halo 2 other than that it was good especially the multiplayer. Halo 3, the series just became reduntantor possibly because i moved on to COD4 MW as well. Needless to say i wont be playing ODST.

ape0073474d ago (Edited 3474d ago )

"i moved on to COD4 MW"

I kinda agree,u know why,cause halo 3 wasn't a segnifcant or major jump over halo 1 and 2,halo 3 is even a little bit colder,little uninspired it was the same,didn't feel TRUE nextgen or SO powerful as halo 1 and halo2 at thier time,in short this is the "smackdown vs raw" syndrom

RememberThe3573474d ago

Halo 2 is a piece of crap, and Halo 3 is pretty good. IMO

Blogz4Fanboys3473d ago

another potential flamewar about to erupt me thinks.

-MD-3473d ago

That's funny because I really hated Halo 1 and 2 but liked 3.

Jinxstar3473d ago

You see. Halo 1 or Halo Combat Evolved offered you something that had not been done before properly. It perfected controls for an FPS on consoles.

Halo 2 offered you online and amazing 16 player lan parties. The online was superior to anything seen on consoles up until that time.

Halo 3 offered you.... A camera mode... Nothing all that new. Still a very solid game for fans but yeah. IMO as well not worth the hype. 8.5-9

shocky163473d ago

Anyway the Halo series is amazing and it's probably one of the best FPS's ever made when it comes to sheer quality, quantity and FUN.

Did you guys know it outsold Killzone 2 in June NPD? such a sales beast.

Trollimite3473d ago

this is how you hype a game! dont just say "its only possible on ps3" dont tell us its good!

but remind us of the past, and let us jugde how good it is! we're about to see a whole lot more of these areticles so remimber this post when you see them

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KionicWarlord2223474d ago

Too much content...

Impossible to call it overrated.

But those guys in this podcast had different views .

2 of them thought halo 3 wasn't overrated one didn't.

Cajun Chicken3474d ago

The multiplayer sometimes is, as is multiplayer in a lot of games.

But Halo has something in its SP game mechanics which developers just can't seem to replicate and the split screen co-op is also very welcome too. Flying around the large levels in Halo, skidding around in a warthog, perfectly placing a plasma grenade by a bunch of covenants feet, melee'ing a grunt whilst its not looking and recently tearing off a gun turret, things like that make Halo identifiable and basically, a lot of fun. You just can't get that sort of entertainment out of any game, Bungie nailed a formula.

Still, IMO, the nearest anyone has got to touching Halo's gameplay was Resistance 1 and then oddly Insomniac stepped back a bit too much in the sequel.

Blogz4Fanboys3473d ago

have a bubble.

halo games aren't overrated a bit imo, and in the opinions of millions of gamers either if you go buy the sales figures and time spent playing the game by the community.

halo is a great series, and in the next year and a half we are getting two completely new halo games. it's all good for me.

although, i'm looking forward to playing reach more than odst....but that mite be because is reach is still over a year away.

TheBand1t3473d ago

Halo 3 was overrated.

Halo 1 was one of the best console shooters I ever played.

GiantEnemyCrab3473d ago

Agreed and it sounds like someones podcast wasn't getting any attention so now they are pulling the flamebait card.

Not going to listen to this but let me just say with the amount of players that play the game daily I don't think it's overrated.

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