GamesRadar: Super Mario Galaxy 2 First Look

GamesRadar writes: "Can you think of a giddier prospect than Mario Galaxy 2? It's a joy just watching the trailer: an upbeat confection overflowing with ideas. As galaxy after galaxy barges onto the screen it's like watching EAD Tokyo's thought processes made physical, ideas popping into existence before your very eyes. The giddy magic flows through (perhaps stems from) Miyamoto. As he talked about the ratio of new to old at E3 he found himself repeatedly correcting himself, just as his team find themselves writing every new idea into the game. Ninety per cent is all-new. No, wait, 95%. Maybe even 99%. We're talking minor fractions of old to major dollops of new".

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live2play3474d ago

when i saw a yoshi egg and then yoshi popping out of that magnifecent polka-dotted egg, i literally teared up [i swear im not kidding] i just love that green dino so much.(btw im 20, im serious). & then i found out he was in nsmbwii also, i mean c'mon wow i am so gratefull THANKYOU NINTENDO!!!1!!one!