KG Anecdotes: An Ocarina Changed My Life

Koku Gamer writes: "Why do gamers love their games?" When you pose a question like that, you're almost guarenteed to see as many different kinds of answers as there are different kinds of gamers. The fact is, everyone has a reason. That special something that keeps them coming back for more. Part of what makes the gaming community so wonderful is the unified ability of all gamers to share these reasons, to open up each others eyes to new possibilities and experiences. Sure, that may be a bit melodramatic, but in principle, it's true. We gamers thrive off of telling others about the amazing events we've been held witness to."


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RedDeadLB3473d ago

Never knew what the fuss about Zelda was.. Well, until now..

Carnage12903473d ago

Man I was to young to really enjoy Ocarina, never could figure out the puzzles at that age. I do remember I use to constantly rent it and just hope there was a save file on there of somebody who had gotten to the horse so I could just ride around.

Ziriux3473d ago

Yea, a lot of you youngsters don't know, but a lot of the great RPG's came out back 20 years ago, they were in-depth I'd say more than today's RPG games, but in their own way, while they may have been shorter time wise they were definitely more in-depth when it came story and character development. And Zelda was the most deep at it's time comparing to other RPG's that were competing against it.

lilbudman3473d ago

zelda is the reason i got into gaming. all time favorite

Ziriux3473d ago

I can't say the same thing. Metal Gear Solid truly got me into gaming, I loved the depth of story and gameplay. That's when I truly started playing a lot more, cause MGS had me playing for 9 hours in a row trying to beat the game as quick as I can.

Xeall3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

Being a games journalist, now is probably a good time to say...I never completed Ocarina of Time. I know, I know, but I didn't own an N64. My Ps1 kept me happy and when I could I played N64 games when I was round friends houses and completed a lot, but Zelda is a bit of a cheeky one to complete at a friends.

The game that got me into gaming was Sonic, before the Mega Drive I had a Spectrum ZX and enjoyed it, but Sonic was something else. On top of that it was the first thing I ever did better than my older brother, guess thats where the addiction started. I doubt it will ever end either!

Ziriux3473d ago

Really! Wow, you missed some of the best games Xeall, I mean GoldenEye, a shiz load of Mario titles and most important Orcania.

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