The Portable Gamer: Verminator Review

The Portable Gamer writes: "As you will note from the screen shot below, Verminator has a strangely unique game play. Most of the playing field is hidden from the gamer, and he/she has to move their finger around to discover the bugs. However, one can also use the iPhone's accelerometer to move around the screen. In the upper left side of the screen is an area map. It shows where the bugs are located and it helps one to place their screen area around the bugs. You must be quick, however, for as soon as you see the bugs they will scatter. I would recommend that one try to guess their pattern and try to move a square ahead of where you might think they will go".

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GrE-Jace3471d ago

This looks pretty damned disgusting. Strange how I'm ok with human blood and gore, but insect gore? No thanks! (vomits in mouth)

wondroushippo3471d ago

I think that it has to do with the fact that this seems more...real? Also, it is pretty disgusting.

Neco5123468d ago

It does look rather real. Hmm. terribly gross