WET Given an 18 by BBFC

GOONL!NE: The BBFC has rated the Bethesda published WET an 18 in the UK.

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xino3473d ago

Even worst!

First of all, the game only uses the emphasis of slo-mo with other third person action game has used. Nothing more, nothing else is added, just acrobatics move while you bullet dodge.
Same cliche gameplay, nothing new!

And now they have it as 18, how the hell will this sell?

As long as the game has a long lasting story (which I don't believe it does) or have a strong story plotline.

lociefer3472d ago

lol the game is called WET ffs, what did u expect ?

Myst3472d ago

Well the name WET is supposed to mean something like hands wet with blood if I recall correctly, think it dealt with something from a mafia or crime syndicate. Either way not a lot of people are going to get the meaning of the title at least I don't think they will.

Also it's pretty much the same story as

-Someone does a job for someone
-The person who did the job got shafted
-Person is on a revenge trip
-Person fights through hordes of enemies
-Comes to the boss
-Kills the boss
-Game ends
-Character has a smoke or drank, probably gets laid at the end or have a conversation that leads the gamer to believe they will get laid in the end.

At least that's how I see the plot

Model3472d ago

WET tshirt on a hot girl = 18

andron3472d ago

So I guess that explains the title. Even though it also could refer to the main character getting her shirt wet, if that excites you more than assassinations...

FamilyGuy3472d ago

I was thinking of something else, you sound...innocent. O.o


i look at my girl and she gets wet, i got this look i do that means : lets phuck. she never says no.....well if we are in public she says no while giggling ;)

obviously im still working on making that happen ;)

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NegativeCreep4273472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

Dammit I was hoping it would involve going to Mardi Gras spring break parties and going all "Max Payne" on all the hot co-eds shooting water from dual-fisted water bottles onto their already too tight white t-shirts.

Boobs in slo-mo are very hypnotizing, reload accordingly!!!

NMC20073472d ago

Probably because there is a woman in it, but the violence is 12+ I am sure, unbelievable, it the protagonist was a man, this article wouldn't exist.

Xulap3472d ago

The title is capitalized, that's gotta be an abbreviation for something.

Something like:

- Wearing Elegant Trousers
- Want Endless Tacos
- Worst Electronic Title
- Woman's Epic Tits

Any other suggestion?

fossilfern3471d ago

I thought PEGI was going to do the ratings for the UK not the BBFC ?