PS3 Exclusive: Demon's Souls Opening Cinematic Video

Here is the opening cinematic for the PS3 exclusive, Demon's Souls, which is set to be released stateside on October 6th. This is a shaky cam video form the Asian import.

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villevalorox3477d ago

OMFG!! I can not wait for this beautiful amazing game!! :'( it is tears of joy! Finally going to get my hands on it!

JoySticksFTW3477d ago

Amazing fresh new IP's, highly anticipated sequels like Uncharted 2, AC2, GoW3...

Good times to be a gamer :)

Jaces3477d ago

What exactly is this?

Like a baldurs gate or more RPG style game?

Besides that little question, this looks pretty cool. :)

ThanatosDMC3477d ago

It does not play like Baldur's Gate. Imagine Drakan: the Ancient Gates but when you're in those long ass dungeons without Arok.

The recording is kinda bright... or my HDTV is better...

Gantrfaxx3477d ago

The game is freakin amazing and very difficult. I imported it from and can't stop playing. At this time there is no other game like this on curent generation of consoles. It's something between Summoner and Drakan but much more badass.

Blogz4Fanboys3477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

coz i aint got a clue what this is about...and it's hard to excited about a cgi trailer of a new(or in my case unheard of) i.p!

edit: just went off and did abit of research on this...and WOW.

the graphics look great, and this has just gone from unknown to first day in five minutes.

the co-op also sounds great. but, i dont like the no friends list or ability to invite friends into the game. sounds like the lack of unified features on the psn is at fault, and not the devs excuse of wanting to make the community stronger as i read in one preview. still as i said day one purchase.

shingo3477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

For the record, the nasty Eurogamer critics reviewed the Japanese version already and gave it a 9/10 :))))

Armyless3477d ago

I wish like hell I could!

Jaces3477d ago

Wow...alright this just made my must buy list. :D

Raf1k13476d ago

I got a mate whose sisters are goin to Hong Kong for a bit. Hopefully they'll get me a copy of this as well as Blazblue :D

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Max Power3477d ago

I can't effin' wait for this game to come to the states.....yeah!

MelaDarkwood3477d ago

It is. I watch this video every time I start the game. Always amazing to see. =)


All my hopes and dreams shattered like fine porcelain against cold granite.What? not that bad but damn I want to play this.
Looking AWESOME,yes in full caps,for FULL effect.=)
Hidden gem, guaranteed.

Duoma3477d ago

I suprised this game hasn't been mentioned until now. I happened to hear about it when I checked out gamestop online. It looks interesting and beautiful but I will wait until I play it.

I dont want to be disappointed like I was when I got my hopes up for the pile of crap known as "two worlds".

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The story is too old to be commented.