GameVisions: Overlord II Review

GameVisions writes: "A few years ago, I began playing a game that I had little expectation for. Sure, CodeMasters is known to publish some delightfully quirky games, but this one seemed a bit more odd than usual. What began as a curiosity rapidly became a hardcore addiction. Overlords' oddly quirky game world and overt macabre humor is, itself, a strong lure to the game, but what truly sold it was its gameplay. Call it "strategy lite" if you will, but the simple rock-paper-scissors formula worked, and was enough to keep one hooked for hours. That was, especially true, of course, if you ever wanted to be the brutal tyrant of a mythical kingdom, that is. Or, a slightly non-brutal tyrant of a mythical kingdom with a huge complex of needing to be the most evil thing around."

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