Guardian: What does the Modern Warfare 2 price point mean for the industry?

Guardian writes: "Activision intends to release the much-anticipated shooter, Modern Warfare 2, with a retail price of £54.99 - five pounds more than most new releases on the current consoles. And it looks like other publishers are likely to follow suit."

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Cajun Chicken3471d ago

Blockbuster is going to get a lot more members fast and ironically, secondhand gaming will be more popular than ever.

benny o klaatt3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

It took me ages to part with 40 bones for WAW cos i was never sure about ANOTHER WW shooter. now £54.99 for a game??? F**k that!!! thats coming from someone who dropped easily £230.00 on an ion drum rocker day one. £40 yeah, absolutely no more, absolutely not £55

EDIT: infact the only tin boxes i have is PDZ - the girlfriend bought me and GOW2 i managed to get a day early so i could brag to my work mates. MW2 £40 brand spanker, no more.

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Bnet3433471d ago

I really feel bad for people across the pond. This is outrageous. I sort of feel lucky for living in the US because we get all games on time for the standard price.

SnuggleBandit3471d ago

means i'm gonna be hittin up ebay a lot more and not buying many games first day...that is if this price becomes a common trend

RussDeBuss3471d ago

thing is, with cod4 the used price stayed stupidly high, when the special edition was released with the map pack it was £45 in game, and used copy of standard edition was £42. game take the piss, i went to asda the next day and they had the special edition for £38.

pure rental for me. i can't see the multiplayer having anything much better than cod4/5 so i will wait for bad company2 for multiplayer and stick with badcomapany 1 and kz2 for multiplayer for now and just rent cod6 for singleplayer

Mindboggle3471d ago

I dont know if this will happen with MW2(Probably not). But on the weekend of WAW's realese ASDA were selling the PS3 and 360 versions for £27 !

Jellzy3470d ago

Its crazy m8. The only place i buy my games from these days is either Asda, Tesco, or \any1 who buys games from game, or gamestation is nuts. Cant remember the last time i payed £39.99 for a game on release, never mind £54.99.

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yoghurt3471d ago

I think this is disgusting. Especially as Activision were slating PS3 for being high priced, shocking.

mastiffchild3471d ago

It can be amazing for all I care and I won't pay more than I would for any other game I'd be interested in. Activision don't seem aware of even the concept of irony. How can they be viewed as anything other than a gigantic bunch of double standard infused greed mongers?

The GHWT band in a box pricing fiasco was bad and now we have the same with DJHero and even damn COD MW2! Does any other publisher farm out a franchise to a B team just to ensure a game every year? And does this now mean that the next Treyarch COD will be back to normal price as IW are the A team? Just why should we pay more for MW2 than any other big budhet game? Because we liked the last one? It's the only reason I can see but by that logic EVERY sequel to a good game would be hiked pricewise, no?

A'vision are just streaking ahead of even where EA got to on their, thankfully forgotten, charge into being odious and are now the most reprehensible company in gaming today.

Pick up your award Acti, you effin deserve it and the tirade about PS3's price just pulled into focus the fact that you're the people with pricing issues and margin obsessions. I won't buy it unless it's at normal price or, more possibly(and I RARELY do this)buy it second hand. If it wouldn't mean hurting MS unfairly I'd be tempted to pirate it and I doubt that there won't be a sharp rise in folk doing just that because of this blatant piss take.

I just wish we gamers would pull together over this crap and not just give in "cos we're COD4 fans"-it's because we never make a stand that this stuff keeps happening with Acti. That said, to me it's not THAT big a loss as I'm now a bit sick of the floaty nonsense they call "controls" anyway but I realise everyone else and their FPS loving dog will call me out over that! Still, how do they have the effin front? Does this mean U2 should be worth £70?

beavis4play3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

i wasn't going to buy modern warfare 2 anyway, BUT.......i don't care WHAT game it is - i'm not going to pay any price increases. i've drawn the line at 59.99 (here in the states)and won't pay even a dollar more.
and yea; this coming from activision?......after what bobby kotick said about high price of ps3?'s just unbelieveable they'd pull this kind of crap.
folks, if you go for any price increases now.....there will surely be more to follow in the not too distant future.

JonnyBigBoss3471d ago

Activision is officially my least favorite gaming company hands down. I won't be buying the game but those who do are paying up the booty for it.

rockleex3471d ago

Activision is raising the price of MW2 because Sony is greedy. And Sony PR needs to STFU after giving 64 billion gamers the finger. Remember, Sony lied... <_<


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Roper3163471d ago

that is why I will only buy Activision published games used from now on if they happen to release something worth buying. Screw Activision and their hypocrisy!

PirateThom3471d ago

It means Activision are trolls.

Christopher3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

Seriously. The only reason Activision has an issue with the PS3 is because the overall number of people who buy their peripherals are less than that of the 360. Sad thing is that percentage-wise, a higher percentage of PS3 gamers buy those peripherals.

Activision makes a killing on cheap pieces of plastic and they'll keep putting them out there as long as people buy them. DJ Hero. Guitar Hero. Band Hero. Tony Hawk.

You can bet if motion controllers take off they'll be shipping a custom 'gun' motion controller with all of their FPS games.

Now, what does this have to do with the price point increase? The closer they can get their non-peripheral games closer to their peripheral-ridden games the less of a hard choice it is for gamers to go out on a limb and buy those cheap pieces of plastic.

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