Fat Princess: Her Majesty Awaits…

Deborah Mars: "Hey Everyone,

This is Deb Mars, Managing Producer at SCEA Santa Monica Studio. We know many of you are anxiously awaiting the sweet PlayStation Network arrival of none other than Her Royal Highness: Fat Princess."

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Nineball21123476d ago

So, what happened to all the chubby lesbian feminists yelling how misogynistic (hating women in particular - definition for the merriam-webster dictionary-less N4Ger's) and WRONG this game is?


We have threads about racism in games... how about some for fatism or whatever it's called.

iHEARTboobs3476d ago

"So, what happened to all the chubby lesbian feminists"

Probably having a Twinkie somewhere.

Beast_Master3476d ago

I have one Fat Princess already at home. So the blonde one is accounted for.

Godmars2903475d ago

Probably having each other's Twinkie somewhere you mean...


NeoSprtacus3475d ago


Awwwgh, that's nasty. /cleveland

rockleex3475d ago

Aww, you already carried her back home? I guess you win this time. <_<

*leaves a trail of cake on the way back to my place*

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rbluetank3476d ago

this is the only fat cow i want to hold in my hands and be proud of it... lol

iHEARTboobs3476d ago

The game that makes chubby chasing, fun.

ChozenWoan3476d ago

cant wait for the cankle expansion pack.

divideby03475d ago

only place I ever heard cankle is on weeds....

only questions that matters is why the delay and when is the release and how much...better be 15 or less

ScoobyDrew3476d ago

this game needs to come out NOW!!

Dead_Cell3476d ago

So advertise this game with the video from Pendulum - Slam.
COMPLETELY unrelated bar from the fact they both have fat people in,but I'm sure it will catch on.

SevWolf3475d ago

I can see it now, before every movie at the cinemas
Rough voice "There were two princesses enjoy their days in their beautiful gardens..THEN something went TOTALLY WRONG"
Then the light warrior voice "They have captured the princess!!!"
followed by a ton of hilarious but awesome gameplay :D

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