Bethesda: Further Level Cap Increases Could Unbalance 'Fallout 3'

In an email interview with Jeff Gardiner regarding August 3rd's release of the next "Fallout 3" DLC, "Mothership Zeta," MTV Multiplayer asked if it would even be possible to increase the level cap from its current 30 (as set by "Broken Steel.") Specifically, if the stat caps were boosted beyond 10 and skill caps were boosted beyond 100, would the game system simply break?

Clearly it's not the first time Gardiner has had the question, but his reaction was a bit more focused.

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Pennywise3472d ago

How do you unbalance a single player game?

I understand you might get too strong for lower level mutants, but that happened getting to just lvl 20, so please explain!

Level 20 is ridiculously low for a RPG game.

Hellsvacancy3472d ago

Just gettin the extra Perks would b a bonus u could leave the rest of the stats the way they r - my characters the ULTIMATE badass lol throw anythin at him

Megaton3472d ago

I think they just don't have any ideas for new perks. The new ones for 21 - 30 were pretty uninventive. I mean come on, 3 perks to make your karma good/bad/neutral? You can pop heads nearly everytime you fight before you even get to 20 anyways, so I don't see a realistic argument about balance anywhere here.

JannikD3472d ago

My character was 30 before I even finished the main story. After Operation Anchorage and getting the Chinese Stealth Suit, I was able to attack mobs with no chance of return attack. Some times I'd even just follow a Super Mutant Overlord around hacking away at him with a Deathclaw Gauntlet because I was lazy. Increasing the level cap would allow me to push every skill to beyond 100, which most of them are at or at least 80+. Basically, my character would never fail anything. In order to remedy this they'd have to re-engineer the game's skill build. If they did this, I'd love to see a level increase. As it is, the game would be even less of a challenge than it is now.

Christopher3472d ago

The reason why it's possible is because the game isn't engineered to handle higher levels. It would require a lot more work to make this viable, which I doubt is what they want since they've already shuffled the development of Fallout 4 to a new development team all together.

ThanatosDMC3472d ago

I'm all ready impossible to kill with my hunting rifle (the unique one).

JL3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

^The Lincoln Repeater? That's what I used all the time and it wasn't even fair by time I was like halfway through the game. All but invincible out there, especially with being such a good long-range attacker. The only part that would ever suck a lil bit was if had a couple Deathclaws run up on me and get close-range.

About this news? I don't care either way. They lost me when they made me wait all that time for stuff like this anyways. I mean I'll probably buy future Bethesda games (I loved Oblivion and Fallout), but I have no desire for all this DLC now. In fact, I've already sold off my Fallout 3. Traded it in for inFamous.

ThanatosDMC3471d ago

Deathclaws... i hate those things when they come up behind you. I spam my combat shotty before they rip off my arms.

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DreamcastFanboy3472d ago

Um who cares? Seriously the game starts getting way to easy after you reach level 10 so should they balance it were you can only go up to 10?

ThanatosDMC3472d ago

Especially after you get that ammo perk and jacking up your meds skills.

TheDuke773472d ago

This game is way to easy as it is.

Perkel3472d ago

lol, game is unballanced from 1st lvl... seriously I on second level shoot armored mutant with minigun....

f3 and oblivion automatic leveling suck !

zoneofenders3472d ago

how could it unbalance a game which is already unbalanced....

Eiffel3472d ago

Odd I'm at level 30 and can see a level 31 on the bar during loading. False hope. Meh...

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