Games getting cheaper in Brazil

Worldwide known Canada-based distributor Synergex Corporation makes a deal with Sony, envisioning a price cut on games that should be produced in Brazil in the near future.
According to David Ayello, Synergex president, such agreement estimates a 35% price reduction on videogame titles over the brazilian gaming market. Today, the regular cost goes up to R$ 280,00 - or US$ 140,00 - a piece.
Such agreement does not include every single game, although it does involve various major publishers, such as UbiSoft, Capcom and Konami.

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saruwatari3473d ago

Good for Brazil (For me, I'm Brazilian :P)

I have a PS3 and an Xbox 360 and the both are great consoles and much better than Wii :p

MSN Games Brazil3473d ago

Headline edited.
Source link now lading to a Google Translator page.