Debate: Who will be the king of the asphalt?

Three games litterally running for the title of top racing title. In one side, Xbox 360's Forza Motorsport 3. On the other, PS3's Gran Turismo 5. Running side-by-side we find EA's Need for Speed Shift.

So, who do you think is gonna bring home the winner cup?

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Retro-Virus5485d ago

Mexican ?? Talk about ignorance.

Zedux5485d ago

wait a second!!! this is from msn.com.br which means its a Microsoft company website asking which is the best game!!! common this is BS!!! and he goes on to say "when Forza first released GT 'used' to be the best"!!! i'M a brazilian and ask you guys to forgive us for this elephant ass writer which indeed works for MS! Thank you!

Rafa5482d ago

So, MSN Games Brazil is a Microsoft website. So what?

Just in case you didn't notice, they have sections named under all platforms, which means they work with multiplatform content. Have you read their texts or you're just judging by their logo? They don't seem to favour Microsoft stuff. At least, not wide open.

Did you even bother to take a look at the website archives? It even has iPhone-related games. And I'm talking about reviews, and giving them good credit. Your statement does sound kinda vague.

Just so you know, N4G also posted links leading to places like Jogos PS3 and tons of platform based places. But of course, a Sony fanboy like you wouldn't notice, because of your lack of good sense.

Not that I love Microsoft - I had an Xbox and it RRoD-ed on me, making me trade ir for a PS3. Much more happy now, if you allow me to say, so yes, I became a Sony fanboy just like you, but at least I'm reasonable enough to give Microsoft Brazil a credit for try to run a multiplatform website and face unworthy, untrustful and unnecessary comments like yours. Next time, try to be more of a human being and at least read the article before saying such lousy words.

Also, to the other ones who think this article is opinion-based: the site doesn't "think" Forza 3 will be better. It only said Forza has the upper hand so far, since it was the only one that gave fully-detailed specs. GT5 is under wraps as expected, and EA only gives crappy interviews saying how great they are to stick with NFS franchise, and all the while releasing screenshots.

Media is good, but we miss the statements, the word, where the real information comes from. That's what the site's trying to say: Forza had a headstart - so to speak - because it has been teased for ages, and got a full presentation at E3 2009: something much more consistent than the "new, never-shown-before" Gran Turismo 5 trailer.

Once Upon a Fable5485d ago

Fact: we will have to wait and see.

enviable275485d ago

Forza 3 definitely, not saying its the better game of the 3 its just the one that is going to sell the most.

PirateThom5485d ago

Forza 2 sold around the same as Gran Turismo 5 Prologue.

I don't think calling it on sales will help.

Microsoft do often have the install base advantage and advertising in the corner, but Sony have Gran Turismo as an established franchise that sells insane numbers.

enviable275485d ago

I dont consider myself a mathematician, but how is 4.00 Million almost the same as 2.92 million??

PirateThom5485d ago

I think your numbers are off, only VGChartz have Forza 2 at 4m,

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue: 3.67m
Forza 2: 2.67m

Neither of these sources are 100% up to date, but, well.


saint_john_paul_ii5485d ago

GT is the "Halo" of the Race Genre. not to mention its a better game. its a fact.

kaveti66165485d ago

Is this article about sales or critical acclaim? My translator don't work at all. Anyways, sales wise I'm pretty confident that Gran Turismo 5 will move both consoles and make big numbers on its own. And I predict it will have very long legs and continue to sell well from its release date to the end of the PS3 life cycle. And it will probably score very highly with critics.

Forza 3 will once again garner great reviews for its devotion to physics and customization but once again I think that Forza is missing its identity. Forza 2 was marked down for not only having underwhelming visuals (I liked graphics well enough), but reviewers will also say that Forza is missing personality because Forza just doesn't have its own style of musics and it doesn't really have an attitude at all (except it's desire to be better than GT). The lack of weather effects and day/night cycles makes Forza feel like a perfectly constructed, sterile environment. Forza probably will be bundled a few months after its release.

Need For Speed: Shift. This series has no clue what it's trying to be. The last NFS wasn't very good and now this one is a revamp. The publishers said Forza has nothing on this game but judging from the incoming screenshots it appears that Forza 3 is better than this, at least in terms of graphics. In terms of being a racing sim there's no chance in hell that NFS Shift can compete with either Forza or GT.

soxfan20055485d ago (Edited 5485d ago )

GT5 will outsell Forza because GT has always been a killer-app console mover for Sony, much like Halo & Gears of War are for MS. No racer will outsell GT, just as no FPS will outsell Halo or Gears. As for which will be better, that will simply come down to personal preference. Despite what 4.4 thinks, there are NO facts to conclusively make a judgement. Forza scores higher in many reviews, GT scores higher in others.

If NFS Shift can get some good early reviews, as well as strong word of mouth, it might have a chance to put up numbers close to GT or Forza because it will be available to over 50 million PS3 and 360 owners combined.

StanLee5485d ago

Who says Grand Turismo is the better game? Forza has a higher metascore than Grand Turismo 4, Forza 2 has a higher metascore than both Grand Turismo HD Concept and Grand Turismo 5 Prologue. To be honest, Grand Turismo as a franchise has to do more. The game has remained the same since the 3rd game in the franchise with little innovation. I've never played a Forza title but I'm really impressed with what has been shown. I really want Polyphony Digital to pull out all the stops for Grand Tourismo 5 but until you have the opportunity to play both games, there is no consensus on which is better.

PirateThom5485d ago (Edited 5485d ago )

I don't think you can compare a free tech demo and Prologue to a full game. Look at the scores of other Concept and Prologue versions of Gran Turismo against the full games.

Forza has a lot more to do than Gran Turismo. It lacks features Gran Turismo has had since the PS1. Gran Turismo has room to improve, but Forza has even more to improve on and, well, add. Simple things like night races and dirt tracks, that's even before we get to the number of cars.

It's impossible for me to be impressed by Forza, it just lacks so much content that was already standard in Gran Turismo, while the only negative was lack of damage.

DevastationEve5485d ago (Edited 5485d ago )

As for comparions between the two, both games are going to be worth 2 of every penny you spent on them.

In my obervations, Forza Motorsport (and Xbox Live) has and will continue to prove that:

-Photo-realistic graphics and accurate physics are more than possible on Xbox 360

-Community matters. Online gaming matters. This is the new gen, hence we should be seeing new things, not just old formulas

-Xbox Live was and always will be a great host to such innovative online gaming experiences

-One should never feel so offended that another game is getting as much praise as your current fave

-Fanboys will invent "impossibilites" and "FUD" to make the opposing game seem that less credible

-Only the opinions of people who aren't so desperate over the success of any game really matter, since they're unbiased :)

-...but the fans should always have reason to cheer, on both sides. just stop the hating on each other!

Marquis_de_Sade5485d ago

PirateThom, Online community features and custom paint jobs are both something I would love to see in GT5 and their addition in Forza 2 certainly impressed me, although I expect a fanboy like you would find it hard to admit.

PirateThom5485d ago

Better online would be nice, custom paint jobs are the biggest waste of time since... well, ever. They add nothing to the game.

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yoghurt5485d ago (Edited 5485d ago )

Interestingly, I received an email tonight from shopto.net saying to pre-order GT5 now for 25/9 release! in UK. Can't be true I'm sure, but weird its actually on an email

on topic - GT5 if you are after ultra-realism, you cannot match the detail in that game, that + le mans, rally, drag racing, nascar - can't go wrong

Arbulu865485d ago

Kazunori Yamauchi stated that GT5 will hit the shelves on October, BUT he said it kind of in an evasive way...

Didn't gave a full confirmation, though...

PshycoNinja5485d ago

Kazinori said GTPSP will hit shelves in Oct. Not GT5.