Namco Bandai Updates Western Tales of Website

After almost half a year of no updates to the official website for the Tales of series in North America, Tales RPG, it seems Namco Bandai has finally given the site a proper update, making visible many of the sections that were hidden in the HTML code earlier.

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MKV3471d ago

Another JRPG like Eternal Sonata, that game was so beautiful.

Redempteur3471d ago

tales of vesperia for ps3 please

KillaManiac3469d ago

I agree...I have this game for my 360, but would gladly rebuy it for the full VA and extra content of the game.

Plz bring this game to NA!

infamous_273471d ago

Getting ready to add Tales Of Vesperia PS3 to the Western site?

[email protected]3470d ago

please be Tales of Vesperia PS3 and Tales of VS on PSP.

I want both!!!