Call of Duty: World at War Map Pack 2 released

Treyarch has released patch version 1.5 for Call of Duty: World at War which includes map pack 2 for free.

Patch v1.5 includes three new multiplayer maps and one Nazi Zombie map for the co-operative minigame. In addition, the update includes several bugfixes and gameplay tweaks.

The new patch is accompanied by a corresponding updated Linux dedicated server and a version 1.3 of the mod tools package that includes the assets from the new maps.

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Gun_Senshi3470d ago

cool i wil never ever buy any map pack but free is welcome

Pandamobile3470d ago

Lol at the people that pay for maps. Greedy devs...

Winter47th3469d ago

So the PC gamers get free maps, constant patches, Dedicated Servers, but the Console gamers..well, the 360 ones, have to pay for both Live & the Map Packs? sounds kind'a hypocritical.