Why Does The PS3 Need To Be Slim Anyway?

ZoKnowsGaming writes "The answer is that it doesn't. By now you have heard the rumors that at some point Sony is going to announce a PS3 slim, you might have even seen some of the alleged pictures of the now infamous PS3 Slim box. So far none of that stuff has been substantiated and Sony is denying it profusely so that says something (yes, we know about the orders to the manufacturer of the original PS3). People from all over the map have commented on this but the one thing that we really haven't seen is anyone ask the question that we are about to ask and that is "Why Does The PS3 Need To Be Slim?"

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shocky163473d ago

Sony needs to cut the price, a new slim PS3 won't increase sales apart from Japan.

Blaze9293473d ago

Who says a new slim PS3 will even bring a price drop anyway. That's where alot of people are probably getting confused thinking a slim ps3 would make it cheaper. For sony, yes. For the consumer, no, not until Sony gains alot of money back.

RememberThe3573473d ago

is that with the Slim Sony would have been working on a cheaper to manufacture PS3 that would allow them to lower the price.

Blaze, Sony isn't in a position to dictate the price like that. They aren't moving enough units monthly to maintain this high price point. They probably want to lower the price more then consumers want to see it drop.

Jaces3473d ago

Cause the original is fraking heavy!

SnuggleBandit3473d ago

@shocky...well i'll probably buy one even if there is no drop so there's one sale right there and i don't believe this is japan

Polluted3473d ago

@Jace: Yup. 11lbs, I believe, which would make it even heavier than the original Xbox. Hardly portable. The actual size isn't too bad, though. It looks roughly the same size as my 360.

Genesis53473d ago

Gee! Let me think. Less material used and smaller components. Might just lower production cost. It can't do anything but.

cherrypie3473d ago

You're 100% correct.

Slim isnt the problem. They need a price cut. A big one. And they need it very fast.

Traveler3473d ago

It doesn't need to be slim, I think it is an elegant looking machine the way it is now. However, if redesigning it and making it smaller can save on production costs it would be a beneficial thing to do. I am sure it will be done at some point, just as we saw happen with the PS1 and PS2.

Raz3473d ago

T-H-A-N-K Y-O-U!!!!

Finally, someone with sense.

GarandShooter3473d ago

'In business, the best model is to serve the most people for less, its about volume and what they lose on price per unit if they triple unit sales it should balance out.'

This makes sense? If they cut the price and lose more per console, how does selling more consoles NOT mean losing more money? How does that balance out?

I know the argument is going to be software sales, but that is not stated. Also, to know with any level of certainty, we need to know what Sony loses per console vs. what they make per unit of software sold, then determine the number of software units per console that need to be sold to offset losses from hardware sales. Then we look at average purchases per console owner and the time frame they occur in, then we can see if this is truly a viable solution.

mastiffchild3473d ago

While some have rightly pointed out that slim models of existing hardware aren't usually cheaper off the bat this is a very different situation. I have said for some time that the only real point in a slim PS3 would be if it meant Sony could retail for cheaper in the relatively short term.

An aesthetic redesign SHOULD be the smallest concern for Sony with PS3 and making it appear a cheaper prospect should be the biggest hence if the slim won't be cheaper I see no reason to waste the R&D to produce one right now. If it does appear I'd be surprised if it isn't cheaper because of all this-why in the world would Sony want to make a more expensive PS3 in this climate? Unless they're mental I don't think they would.

Harry_Manback3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

I'll use it as my primary ps3 & I'll more or less put my precious 60gb in storage to preserve it.

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jack_burt0n3473d ago

the japanese like things to be compact, so much so they will buy things twice, a smaller manufacturing process for chips means less cooling wont need a 12cm fan thus smaller, less materials, less weight shipping, all means cheaper and smaller.

what do i win1?!?/1111!!

TapiocaMilkTea3473d ago

yeah, wasn't that the point all along? A stripped down PS3 that's cheaper to manufacture so they can do a price drop and hype up the PS3 again at the same time? I'm guessing the Slim will retail for $329.99, which comes with a 80gb drive.

Elven63473d ago

There is actually a decent chunk of people who want small electronics, in Japan for instance, one of the many reasons the original Xbox failed was the hug size of that thing. Similar cases can be seen with the PS3, making it smaller will encourage these people to jump in.

Bnet3433473d ago

"Similar cases can be seen with the PS3, making it smaller will encourage these people to jump in. "


Godmars2903473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

Certainly a less expensive model - so say the cheap bastards.

If they can improve media playback over what they already have, return BC, so much the better.

On the other end, I wonder if MS can make a slim 360 given that its HHD case is much of the height and width.

Whut3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

Why Does The PS3 Need To Be Slim Anyway?

because It's FAT. burn some calories and get in Shape ! people will start thinking you're Attactive and might start thinking about buying you @ PS3.