BSoN: Dual displays are nice… but what about a dual 4K display setup?

Bright Side of News writes,
"During Computex, ASUS and a few others demoed 4K resolution gaming and imaging PC setups, but that's nothing really new - I used an IBM T221 monitor as early as 2003 with that fantastic ideal 3840x2400, or QWUXGA resolution, good enough to also display all standard lower PC and HDTV resolutions pixel-for-pixel, without interpolation, on just a 22-inch single unit. The T221 DG5 unit used twin Dual-link DVI-I ports to get 48 Hertz at that 9.2 megapixel resolution. In fact, this is a much more "compatible" resolution setting for all previous standards than that 2560x1600 4.1 MPixel level often seen on today's 30-inch monitors. And, the 16:10 Golden Ratio screen size is still kept, rather than useless 16:9 one meant for cinematic HDTV, not for web page or document scrolling."

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