A lot of pictures for Valkyria Chronicles 2

Now that the official japanese site is up, the next SRPG from SEGA for the PSP, Valkyria Chronicles 2, shows itself a bit.

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JAllard3473d ago

Looks promising.

Looks like I'd have to give Billy a BJ to let me create a handheld device.

Sony FTW!!!
J. Allard

sinncross3473d ago

THis is looking good!

Pity it aint on the PS3, but i think they'll get more sales from a PSP release, just please include multi player! I'd love to play against a friends team!

rockleex3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

4 player strategy battles?

It can be an all out war, or team wars.

Or 4 player co-op strategy battles? It would be interesting if they found out a way to implement 4 player ad-hoc/online battles.

By the way, is it just me... or did everyone forget about the Parasite Eve PSP game?

San Frandisco3473d ago

simply looks amazing.. i would hope sony will one day buy out sega as a first party cuz sega has a sh!t load of potential out there and Valkyria chronicles is one that proves they can show'em how its done. :)

kratos1233473d ago

really nice graphics cant wait to play this in the train

Information Minister3473d ago

Why the PSP SEGA?... Whhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

Millah3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

Because if PS3 owners actually went and BOUGHT the first game, they might have made the sequel for PS3.

It costs a lot less to develop on PSP and more likely to sell more copies on PSP, therefore its a much lower risk developing on PSP. Its like handhelds are getting all the great RPGs, basically because people suck and only buy blockbuster FPS titles nowadays so publishers are less likely to risk putting up the high costs of developing 360/PS3 games.

Information Minister3472d ago

VC sold reasonably well in Europe and it moved quite a few copies in NA and Japan after the price cut. Also developing the sequel on the PS3 wouldn't be as expensive as the first game, seing as they could recycle a lot of the work done on VC1 (such as the game engine).

Oh well, there's always hope for a PS2 port right? *crosses fingers*

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