Daily Joypad: Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince Wii Review

Daily Joypad writes: "Overall Harry Potter And the Half-Blood Prince isn't an out and out bad game, but one that is likely to disappoint many casual fans of the boy wizard. Between the poor motion-sensing controls, the unfulfilling main quest, and the mini-games that get highly repetitive, is a rather tedious experience that only the most hardcore Harry Potter fan would be able to forgive. It is also a game that will only last even the most casual gamer around four hours, with little incentive to return to it once finished. Visually the game is certainly charming, even the audio feels spot on and atmospheric. It's just a shame that EA have gone to so much effort in creating the look and feel of the game and then forgot to include any actual game play. Certainly a title I would only recommend to the real fans of Harry Potter".

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