The Best Fourth Titles in a Video Game Series

Associated Content: "The fourth game in a video game series is always interesting. This is because most franchises are built with a trilogy setup in mind. Not to mention that the development cycle usually results in the fourth game appearing on a more powerful system."

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callahan093470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

Interesting how the only game on the list that was actually the legitimate fourth entry in the series is Devil May Cry 4. All the rest had a bunch of other iterations that just didn't happen to be CALLED "Four" or "IV" or "4".

I think it's obvious with Metal Gear, Resident Evil, and Street Fighter, not as much with Persona. In Japan, the series goes:

-- Revelantions Persona, Innocent Sin, Eternal Punishment, Persona 3, then Persona 4.

Innocent Sin was the first part of Persona 2, and then one year later, Eternal Punishment came out, completing the Persona 2 series. When a new Persona was set to release about 7 years later, it had new characters and plot again, so they called it Persona 3, though it was sort of the 4th title in the series of games called Persona. Kind of an odd situation with that one. Anyway, not that any of this even matters, haha... Just an observation.

Also, I'd have selected Final Fantasy IV (FF II in north america) long before I'd have selected Devil May Cry 4. The other selections are pretty good, except for the placing. No way would I ever put Street Fighter IV in first place. In fact, of all the games mentioned, I'd put it in 5th place. I like Persona 4, Final Fantasy IV (remember, I'd leave out DMC4), MGS4, and Resident Evil 4 more than SFIV.