DiRT 2 Battersea Rallycross Gameplay Trailer writes: "Codemasters has released a new trailer for Colin McRae's DiRT 2 showcasing the Battersea Rallycross event just a day after announcing the game's upcoming release dates. This looks to be a very challenging event with some fairly tight turns around the course..."

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deadpoole3474d ago

I dont know about you but this game graphics are lookin amazing. Same caliber of that of Forza 3 and GT5.

For Xbox 360 owners.

1. Forza 3 for real driving and racing sim.
2. Dirt 2 for WRC.

For PS3 owners.

1. GT5 for real driving & racing sim + WRC. (No Release date yet)
2. Dirt 2 for WRC (could be optional if gamers are willing to wait for GT5).

JOLLY13474d ago

Yeah, I am really like the looks and atmosphere of Dirt 2. I really enjoyed the original Dirt. More of the same works for me.