Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising "Armoury" video

Codemasters has released the above "Armoury" trailer.

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising will be hitting North America on October 6, with additional release dates of October 8 in EPAC territories and an October 9 street date in the UK.

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Blow Out Your Brains3470d ago

Here's to hoping this game is a sleeper hit and it doesn't get devoured whole by Modern Warfare 2 ;)

ASSASSYN 36o3470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

It will be sad if it did. Operation Flashpoint 2 DR is a total opposite from MW and I am positive from MW2. This game dives head first into realistic combat. MW series has and will only tickel realisim instead focusing on twitch shooting and lack of air/land/sea vehicles. Operation Flashpoint will go head to head with MW2 with it's arcade mode though. It allows similar survivability in combat (online) like the call of duty series.

I hope the high learning curve keeps the kiddies at bay.

JonahFalcon3470d ago

America's Army 3 is more of a competitor, really.