Opinion: Modern Warfare goggles bag their first critic

From "The first piece of mainstream nonsense to express concern regarding these free night-vision goggles has surfaced over on

"In the article, titled "Night goggles with a game - invitation to mischief?", plodding journalist Rob Watson makes a shamefully vague, hurried and half-arsed attempt at convincing readers why offering such gadgetry with a game is DANGEROUS.

"After six paragraphs of mostly attempting to establish himself as someone with no existing prejudice against games (where he uses words like "doodads" and says "trippin'" in an entirely transparent attempt to endear his message to younger readers), the point begins to get made..."

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Gun_Senshi3477d ago

Whom is buying Prestige Edition is a retard. Those are not NVG, that is a toy. I forgot model name but I saw those toy NVG cheap from ebay, perfectly the same with same fuctions 50 meter range dual mode perfectly the same.

Have fun using your over priced toy NVG with no perception to bump into something that looks 50 meters away. Real NVB costs at least 1k$, and 1k$ are the cheap ones they range up to 10k$+.

Remember kids, switch of the lights and play MW2 with NVG on! Its part fo the game.

CSM-101e3477d ago

cost me about 2500. Gonna make me a woman suit...

omegaortega3477d ago

Silence of the Lambs, lol I bet you thought no one would get the joke.

LoL nice one btw.

Pixel_Addict3477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

don't forget to listen to "Goodbye Horses" while your at it - It rubs the lotion on the skin or else it gets the hose again!

CSM-101e3477d ago

Gumb is way sicker in print.

Soldierone3477d ago

Its like saying me spooking people with a halo helmet is gonna cause the next global warming...people breath out so much from getting scared all the time or laughing is causing too much heat at which its rising up and melting the ice caps, in 30 years all that laughing will cause drastic changes in our atmosphere and we can blame it all on special edition video games! prove that theory wrong i dare you!

Now the theory for the goggles. So many people will buy it and be so satisfied seeing in the dark that they will feel like real soldiers. With the next game they will offer replica M16 guns and combined with the goggles world war 3 breaks outs. So we must stop it now, people CANNOT i repeat CANNOT see in the dark or bad things will happen! not including the random raids of girl sleepovers it will cause.

Pixel_Addict3477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

for stupid people, but hey for those who wish to get [it]... by all means I'm not one to stop fools from parting with their money.

FLOWCity3477d ago

Go to the kitchen in the dark...Now thats spec ops

KillerPwned3477d ago

Wow that writer is retarded saying their dangerous. If i see any of my friends buy this im gonna wrap bars of soap in pillow cases and beat the p!ss out of them.

FantasyStar3477d ago

Don't underestimate stupid people. They do things you or I could never dream up and the only time you ever know is when it's already happened.

KillerPwned3477d ago

lmfao that was funny

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The story is too old to be commented.