XSEED Games To Publish RIZ-ZOAWD, Re-named to Wizard of Oz: Beyond The Yellow Brick Road

From Nintendo Now:

It seems XSEED Games is showing, once again, its high interest in bringing over titles that many have doubted would ever see release outside of Japan. With their recent announcement of Sky Crawlers, a combat flight simulator for Wii, being made not too long ago, signs of another XSEED localization have appeared.

The next game to be added to XSEED's lineup is The Wizard of Oz: Beyond The Yellow Brick Road for the Nintendo DS. Many gamers probably know this game as RIZ-ZOAWD, the RPG inspired by The Wizard of Oz. Signs of this title's upcoming release have appeared on sites like GameFly and Amazon. A boxart of the game was also revealed.

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PS360WII3477d ago

haha awesome! News of the day for me :) Thank you XSEEDS

SpoonyRedMage3477d ago


I saw the game ages ago and it sounds intriguing but I'm not sure about it.

PS360WII3477d ago

Oh yeah I knew of this game when they were still developing it. The premise just sounds awesome. RPG set in The Wizard of Oz world. How can you go wrong

TheColbertinator3476d ago

Its made by Media Vidion,designers of Wild Arms,so it might turn out really good

Wildarmsjecht3476d ago

I remember talking to Layton about this last year. Can't wait to see how this game is, Media.Vision is great developer/designer.

PS360WII3476d ago

Yeah I remember that :) Should be fun to see if there is reasoning behind my joy of knowing I'll get to play it now