Planet Xbox 360: Overlord II Review

Planet Xbox 360 writes: "The original Overlord proved to be a highly entertaining title that had both humor and exciting action. Its formula was a success as gamers have always craved the ability to play as an anti-hero character that doesn't care about the well-being about the world, but instead, his fame and glory. Now, two years later, Codemasters and Triumph Studios are ready for gamers to jump back into the saddle and take control of the reigns of a tyrant hell bent for his own personal interests. Carrying onward from the Raising Hell downloadable content of the original Overlord, Overlord II has the devilish minions looking for a new overlord to call their master. They eventually turn to the son, known as Overlad, of the previous overlord. The storyline isn't the most exotic in the structure, but the locales you visit are much more diverse than the original."

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