Resident Evil 5: PC vs. Xbox 360 and DirectX 9 vs. DirectX 10 - graphics comparison

Graphics comparison between Xbox 360 and PC version or RE5 plus comparison between DX10 and DX9 of the PC version.

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Fishy Fingers3471d ago

Not much difference between the Dx9/10 screens. Strangely though, the Dx10 is giving a higer frame rate at the same specs.

PC Vs 360 is rather pointless with such low res screens, if they offered them in their native resolutions the PC would look far better 1920x1200 compared to 720.

Pandamobile3471d ago

Yeah, higher res screenshots would be nice.

TheIneffableBob3470d ago

It's not strange. DX10 is better optimized than DX9. Fewer operations are required to perform the same tasks. Far Cry 2 ran better in DX10, too.

Fishy Fingers3470d ago

In theory yes, but in my experience running games in Dx10 has lowered my frame rate. Perhaps yours is different, I just didnt expect to see quite the change.

Charlie26883470d ago

I've had very few games were DX10 had any performance impact, I think the few games were the game run better on DX10 was Call of Juarez and World in Conflict, but at the other tip of the scale was Crysis which in DX10 it managed to chop 10-14 fps from my average on DX9 which resulted in some scenes getting choppy :/

Christopher3470d ago

I'm finding the DX10 higher framerate item to be the norm. Age of Conan in DX10 gets a fairly stable + 20 FPS for me with better quality textures than what I have set with DX9.

mebob3470d ago

DX10 is more better optimize in certain games and has better dynamic lighting for all DX10 games. Crysis for example, if you play using DX10 and walk through the jungle you will see beautiful particle lighting shining through each leaf and tree branch. You really can't tell much different in just screen shots. You need to be playing at full motion video to really experience it.

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dirthurts3470d ago

DX10 is really being implemented in the game to be honest. Frame rates are better sure, but that's just because they are not using and DX10 exclusive effects.

M337ING3470d ago

At least it does something. i for one think the game looks good enough and will take any speed boost I can get. :)

Charlie26883470d ago

I downloaded the benchmark tool yesterday and I did the test at max settings on DX9 I got an average of 41 fps for the "static scene" (the crazy guy just talking and the camera moving around) but I was surprised that in the gameplay test (Chris and Sheva fighting a ridiculous amount of bad guys) I got an average of 54 fps and even with all the shotting, bad guys swarming and the explosions it NEVER once had a problem or even noticed a significant frame drop

also I was surprised how different it looks having all setting up vs my console version, it was like having a completely new coat of paint on it, I could also notice much more details now

In some funny stuff, the guy that plays the gameplay demo SUCKS XD, also what difficulty was he playing on? ultra pro? the amount of enemies swarming in was ridiculous

Fishy Fingers3470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

I didn't realise there was a benchmark tool avaliable. I'll DL that now, cheers Charlie.

Charlie26883470d ago

Yeah be sure to DL (its only 500mb),it was a pretty interesting tool with some very cool options and tests, and it even grades you ala RE5 on your PCs performances (with all the sound effects and splash screens it did when grading your progress in the was hilarious)

Traveler3470d ago

That's nice, Charlie. It's really great the kind of graphical quality you can get on the PC.

CameO733470d ago

The reason that the guy playing sucked, was that it wasn't a guy playing. It was the AI controlling both Sheva and Chris (!) That's why it's different every time you run the benchmark.

mebob3470d ago


Welcome to the world of PC gaming were you can really experience the fullest a game can offer :D

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