Sony needs to learn that non-games can still be fun - Black

GI.Biz writes: "The creator of Bebot for the iPhone has said that the biggest lesson Sony needs to learn for the success of the PSPgo is to understand that applications don't have to be games to be fun and appealing.

Russell Black, a former senior programmer for next-gen home consoles, claims he's made more money in six months with the release of his cult synthesizer application through his company Normalware than the annual salary at his last job, but he's hesitant to begin work on any such software for Sony's new console."

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Babypuncher3472d ago

this should be on N4NG: News 4 Non-Gamers

DragonWarrior_43472d ago

Yeah, Sony should follow this I phone dev and use the quantity over quality motto just like every other console that started after Sony's Reign in the industry of 15 years straight. Excluding the Dreamcast of course. That was a gamers wet dream.

Gun_Senshi3472d ago

this site stopped being news for gamers since 2006

Anon19743472d ago

It totally ignores some of the forays Sony's made into that "non-gaming" space. Home's not a game. Flower isn't really either. Linger in Shadows, Mesmer, Noby noby boy, lots of eye toy, interactive art stuff, Playstation @ Home, etc..etc.
Even the PSP has downloadable puzzles, travel guides, language tools, etc.

Rainstorm813472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

I understand no console maker has reigned for three generations, although this gen it wouldnt be the fault of sony but of the ARMY of disinformtion agents out there.

For a console to try and push gaming into the future (top quality genre defining games, blu ray, free online), i wouldnt think it would be dragged through the dirt like this. Damn is the price hurting that many people.

The complaint list is astounding especially when other consoles have similar or worse issues.

Price too high
not enough games
PSN isnt good
Home isnt good
not enough release dates
only a blu ray player
too many target renders
price too high
too many games
says can only be done on playstation too much
shows in game footage too much
not enough marketing
too much installing
price too high
not enough non-games

It is truely ridiculous when the system is doing far better than any "failed console" in history. (DC, Saturn, N64, Gamecube, Jaguar, 3DO, etc.)

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Major_Tom3472d ago

Lol what the hell does this have to do with Sony? I mean Really?

Pennywise3472d ago

Make your games on the wii and iphone and leave Sony alone. They cater to my gaming needs just fine. All I need is Sony conforming and making games that require me to stand on a board that says I am fat even when you arent.

Sony is fine.

SpoonyRedMage3472d ago

Have you been paying attention to the stuff about the PSP Go! ?

Sony are removing a lot of quality checks(and shortening the approval process) and greatly reducing the price of the dev kit to make it affordable to Indie devs.

It's likely that it's going to get a lot of crap on there and Sony is basically inviting it. That's why all these iphone devs are talking about the PSP Go!

Pennywise3472d ago

I saw all of that and that will give the PSP a more main stream audience. Its too hardcore at the moment.

As most people do on this site: I was commenting on the articles title ;)

Caffo013472d ago

how to ruin a GAME console!

Mindboggle3472d ago

You people on here seriously to get your heads screwed on. Sony are not selling enough games for the PSP, so why would they listen a small majority of people like you who just want games like Assassins Creed when they will barely sale half a million. I dread to think how games like Rock Band unplugged did.

They need to bring in the casual audience. Why do you think the iPhone/iPod touch and DS are dominating the handheld market. Simply because they have a huge variety of games and they appeal to everyone. Whereas the PSP is just focusing on Hardcore gamers, and its not enough.

Marojado3472d ago

"a small majority"

Yeah, you've got to watch out for those small majorities :P

Christopher3472d ago

Perhaps something like movies, music, or even linking it to your home through your PC or PS3. They really need to stop just focusing on games.

nycredude3472d ago

Am I missing something here. I swear I use my psp to watch movies and listen to music all the time, not to mention I can play some games and listen to music and watch movies from my Ps3 remotely...

Christopher3472d ago

Only the sarcasm in my voice, nycredude.

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