Adhoc Party Finally Coming To North America?

Adhoc Party extends the reach of PSP games with local wireless play like Dissidia: Final Fantasy by giving them Internet play via a PlayStation 3 connected to the PlayStation Network. Sony has been beta testing the service in Japan without announcing it for any other region. You can digitally import Adhoc Party by downloading it from Japan's PlayStation Store, but wouldn't it be nice if an English version came out?

Sony might be preparing one since they just trademarked Adhoc Party for everything from "automatic operation transmitting of digital data in the nature of video game software" to "amusement parks". Since the service made its debut over a year ago this doesn't seem like a protective trademark.

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite recently came out in North America and it's a prime candidate to take advantage of Adhoc Party. Perhaps, Sony is planning a domestic release soon?

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Myst3469d ago

Oh boy I could see ad-hoc party rooms' becoming even more full than they are now. Though I've been testing out the Japanese edition for a quite a few months now and I can say their is still a bit of stability to be worked out sometime. Some errors I have run into:

1. Disconnected from the group while playing in ad-hoc party (still in the room though - this problem seems a bit rare now but still happens)

2. Room gets closed/getting kicked out of ad-hoc party (Due to my lack of the Japanese writing system [at this time] as well as not knowing some of the words, I'm not sure why my friends and I get kicked; but it doesn't happen TO much. Just when it does it's annoying.)

3. Disconnected from a friend even though I'm right next to him, while I am still connected to others via ad-hoc (only had this happen once but I found it funny especially since we were fighting the Naruga)

Anyway ad-hoc is great, still has some small problems, but definitely should be imported and hopefully it will. Really want to try Dissidia through it, after playing through some of the stories though.

-EvoAnubis-3469d ago

I really hope this happens soon; it needs to happen before or VERY soon after the PSP Go comes out. That will breathe new life into the PSP.

zeph943469d ago

Lol I spent an hour yesterday finding this on the Japan PSN store and setting it up. Then was playing with a party till like 2am. I was playing the new monster hunter, it was awesome.