Planet Xbox 360: Battlefield 1943 XBLA Review

Planet Xbox 360 writes: "If there's ever been a time that a developer needed to revisit World War II, then the time would be now for Electronic Arts and Digital Illusions. Battlefield: Bad Company turned out to be a decent title and Mirror's Edge, for what it was, had interesting gameplay concepts. With Battlefield 1943, Digital Illusions doesn't intend on reinventing the wheel; rather they have attempted to go back to their roots and showcase how entertaining the series can be when it's simplified. Simplifying the Battlefield series is, by no means, a knock on the game. This Xbox Live Arcade release serves up three maps (with a fourth DLC map reportedly to be unlocked at a later stage) and three soldier classes to use. The three maps are based in the Pacific Theater of Operations for WWII including: Iwo Jima, Wake Island and Guadalcanal."

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