C&C4's Net Connection Mandate Violates Gamer's Bill of Rights

GP writes: The video game industry continues to find new and creative ways to stick it to PC gamers.

In the latest example, EA has announced that the much-anticipated Command & Conquer 4 will require players to constantly be connected to the Internet, even for single-player campaigns.

That requirement, however, violates one of the basic tenets of the Gamer's Bill of Rights, a document released at PAX 08 by Stardock CEO Brad Wardell and Gas Powered Games CEO Chris Taylor. EA, however, is not a signatory to the Bill of Rights. No surprise there.

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emk20043476d ago

i havent liked any of the c&C games they have made the westwood and ra2 was the best of the series been downhill from there

JsonHenry3476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

Zero Hour and its expansion were the best online. The original CnC was the best single player. IMO

JsonHenry3476d ago

hrmm.. This doesn't bother me a single bit. I don't want someone using single player hacks to make their online character that much stronger.

Always connected equals less chance of cheating. And in a game as competitive as CnC typically is that is a good thing.

STK0263475d ago

but...what about laptop users who aren' connected 24/7 and still want to play CnC4 from time to time? Or are they not allowed to have fun with the game they payed for?

Sure, in some areas, you can get Wi-fi, and in most case you can get a 3G card. However, in my area, findinf a hot spot can be tricky and I won't buy a 3G card just to play one game. I believe that the point of having a laptop is to have a computer everywhere you go, now EA is telling me that it's true, as long as I stay in range of a router...

Quadrix3476d ago

Unless this violates an 'actual' law, I completely support their decision to make the game playable only when an internet connection is present.

JsonHenry3476d ago

Seeing as how it is the only form of "DRM" that they are imposing on us then I celebrate it! My PC is always connected online anyway. So why not?

pippoppow3476d ago

First you can crack it anyways. Two it will have a cracked version ready to be downloaded by pissed off people who loath anyform of DRM. Also there are many people who do not have internet connections especially in this economic downturn so there go a bunch of possible sales. Screw EA and anyone else supporting DRM on any level. All it does is make things a little bothersome to people looking to buy the game.

jakethesnake3476d ago

The problem is that this isn't a solution to cheating. The problem is that this is invasive DRM. I'm honestly surprised that there isn't more outcry against this as this is some of the worst DRM out there. If there servers go down - too bad. If your internet isn't working - too bad. If you don't have internet (and don't kid yourself into thinking that everyone who would be interested has a connection) - SOL. Personally, I think it is absolute crap. I love the C&C series, but I won't buy it for this reason. I'm not a believer in boycotting companies, but I will avoid games that have highly invasive DRM. They need to find a better way of balancing security vs protecting the consumer. Currently, the get an F.

dktxx23476d ago

After watching people complain every time a developer tries to protect their investment on developing a game, I've come to a conclusion.

PC gaming is dieing, and pc gamers are killing it.

JsonHenry3476d ago

It is not dieing out. But you are right - PC gamers are certainly NOT helping for the most part.

I don't care one bit about having to be connected to the internet when I play. Mostly because the only reason I buy CnC games are for online play. Digital Downloads and services like STEAM (that requires internet connection) are raking in the cash hand over fist.

Any change to the status quo will inconvenience some people. But this type of change has already proven itself time and again on the PC format and is the way of the future.

And if you DON'T like it you better start raising hell now - because each console cycle mimics PCs more and more. Before long you will not even be able to purchase a console game without being connected to the internet to play even single player. Why? To avoid, 100%, being pirated.

pippoppow3476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

No matter what they try a game is cracked usually before it even comes out. Maybe 2 weeks after at latest. So all it does is inconvenience honest paying customers who have to search for a work around for those tech savvy enough. All others have to put up with the bull. If anything DRM makes more people want to DL the goods to stick it to companies using DRM.

dktxx23476d ago

I would agree that pc gaming isn't dieing, but pc gamers have to realize piracy exists and is hurting developers. And that means that certain measures are going to be Put in place. its okay not to want invasive software, but as long as the developer can keep it to a minimum, it should be fine. having to be connected to the internet to play a game is hardly invasive.