Gamertell Review: The Conduit for Wii

Gamertell has posted a mixed review of Sega's first-person shooter for Wii titled The Conduit.

From the review:

"When playing through The Conduit there was never a point where I was completely blown away. However, there was also never a point where I regretted the purchase. Playing through it is like reading a pulp sci-fi novel (but you probably guessed that from the cover art, right?): Light, fast and entertaining, if not completely satisfying."

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EvilTwin3470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

"The controls are perfect. If you don’t like the defaults, you can customize them to pretty much exactly what you want. PS3 and Xbox 360 owners can claim their gamepads are just fine for FPS controls, but they’re either lying to themselves or they’ve just never played a good one on the Wii. After The Conduit, you’ll never want to go back to a standard gamepad.

"But the PlayStation and Xbox owners have a better argument against us in that the controls do not make a great game. You need great action, variety, solid graphics, a good story, and - for some - robust multiplayer features. The Conduit delivers on some of these but misses on others."

This is probably the most fair and level-headed thing I've seen in any review for this game.

The controls are the full realization of what everyone imagined when they saw the Revolution unveiled. If you think dual analog beats the remote/nunchuck, you're kidding yourself, just like thinking dual analog trumps a mouse/keyboard is nearly delusional.

But that alone doesn't make for a fantastic game. PS3/360 shooters still have better action, graphics, art direction (usually, Retro is the exception) and online modes.

The controls HVS came up with make The Conduit worth playing; they're as big a leap for console shooters as Z-targeting was for 3d action games, IMO.

But the rest of the game is only average. Decent, but not AAA.

However, the gap between Wii FPS and what's on the other consoles is significantly smaller now, mainly because of the online component in Conduit.

Marry the art direction and single player Retro gave Corruption with the controls and online of HVS, and we'll have Wii's definitive shooter.