Rock Band Network Lets Anyone Upload Their Music, Launches This Year

MTV Games and Harmonix are opening up the Rock Band music store to everyone later this year. The Rock Band Network allows any artist to upload and price their own tracks for users to download from the game's music store.

According to a report from Billboard, that service will launch sometime this year for the Xbox 360 versions of Rock Band, with plans to bring those "popular tracks" to the PlayStation 3 and Wii versions "eventually." Artists can submit their songs to a group of "Harmonix-trained freelance game developers" who will prep the tracks for use in game.

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rayjelic3476d ago

I'm gonna be Rock'n it up on the guitar now!

sa_nick3475d ago

This article deserves way more attention. This is a freakin huge step in rhythm gaming.

NinjaPower3475d ago

can we say Video Game Music? =D

thereapersson3475d ago

That makes no sense considering Sony owns their own music record label. You'd think that would be enough to get this on the PSN, considering how stringent Sony is over DRM and other copyrights.


JackBNimble3475d ago

It's more complicated then you may think.The 360 has had the XNA creators club for about 2 years now and that is what RBN will be running on for the 360.
The PSN has yet to have an equivalent site to run the RBN on for the PS3.

I believe SCEA is working on an equivalent site aswell as getting the phyre engine up and running.This is speculation on my part though.


I believe the link above will be sony's answer to the 360's XNA.