Pot Meet Kettle: Activision, the new Black

PlayStation LifeStyle writes, "Bobby Kotick's choice words for Sony sparked outrage amongst PS3 fans, and quickly became one of the most controversial subjects of the summer. The outspoken CEO suggested Activision would drop support for PlayStation if Sony didn't lower the price point on the PlayStation 3. The glare of the corporate flames shine a light on what is actually a very bold statement, coming from a publisher responsible for some of this years most expensive video games. Basically Activision has a lot of nerve."

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ps3gamerkyle3471d ago

Can't agree more. Activision should have really looked at the astronomically high pricing of their own games, before they started complaining about the PS3's price point.

NotSoSilentBob3471d ago

Ive been saying this too ever since Activision started their calls for price drops across the board.

Beast_Master3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

I thought we all came to this conclusion once Tony Hawk and GH5 where priced. I am waiting to hear the annoucement of Ultimate alliance 2's price probably with a Captain America Sheild for 129. I always thought limited editions meant for 20 bucks more you get an extra disk and a metal case. I guess I am getting old

DoucheVader3471d ago

Modern Warfare 2 will be uber awesome, I can't see paying $149 for "Night Vision" googles that use LEDs. LOL

Johnny Rotten3471d ago

If I was Sony I would dare them to not support. There's over 20 million potential customers and growing that are willing to fork out money for a cheap plastic guitar and yet another COD, and if they think they are going to make a killing off of there over-priced skateboard from one system alone they better think again.

Keyop3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

Pots and Kettles indeed, a £54.99 RRP for Modern warfare 2 in the UK, and he has the cheek to go after a hardware manufacturer talking about how expensive something is!

DoucheVader3471d ago

With all these games with so many pack ins now I am surprised Sony gets so much flack for a high price.

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