Motion Control: The Future of Gaming

Cat writes: "Motion Control", a phrase now so ubiquitous it has darn near lost its sexy. In the wake of the Wii's rampant success with the casual-friendly Wiimote, the compression of titles into mini-games, and a family-friendly image, motion control is a veritable poster child for gaming. Arms spread wide in welcome; motion control promises none of those terrible and complex button combinations of old and instead offers animated movements, calorie-burning, general waggling and lots of laughter. Smashing through your LCD TV and the too-serious face of gaming, is our future motion controlled?

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Trollimite3472d ago

this will be my last gen of gaming!

waggle concrols and hardcore gaming connot co-exist

a_squirrel3472d ago

that's why they have the sony wand things, with buttons on them and an analog stick on each

Information Minister3472d ago

... I will have to turn exclusively to retro gaming and play the games that I missed in the past.

I do not consider waving my arms around on thin air to be fun.

pippoppow3472d ago

Motion technology will continue to evolve. I think for now a break apart controller will be best to give people a choice in how they choose to play. There will be games that use it here and there like in Heavenly Sword and those that use it 100% like Wii Sports. I can only imagine the new types of gaming experience that may come about in years to come using motion controls. Looks like its here to stay but I think it really comes down to how it's used to enhance gameplay. How about how when in an FPS you can look back while shooting in different directions, for example. Maybe it will spur the creation of some new genres. Things could get very interesting.

rockleex3471d ago

Especially with the break-apart motion controller Sony intends to make.

You can use it as a standard controller or motion controller whenever you want.

The future is going to be mixed. Non-games, casual games, hardcore games will co-exist together. Standard controls will coexist with motion controls. This is how the industry will grow.

As long as awesome blockbuster AAA hardcore games still exist, then I will remain happy. Whether they are controlled through motion controls or not, as long as it works well.

DeadlyFire3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

NEVER will motion control exist alone in this or next generation. If so it will flop. Motion control is nothing more than a transitional phase for controllers. Next it will be mind controller with simple functions and a new generation of mind control devices after that which is more evolved. Then VR + mind control and then Matrix like gaming device. Put it on and turn it on to wake up in a living game world.

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EvilTwin3472d ago

"This is what really gets under the hardcore skin, this is what we loathe to see - the hungry implementation of a technology that only serves to hinder the gaming experience, a technology underdeveloped and overused with games as accomplished as Twilight Princess using the controls in ways that are often imprecise, morphing combos into frantic waggling."

I had no problems with the sword combat in Twilight Princess, and didn't find the controls imprecise at all (the projectile weapons were MORE accurate).

And what's so much better about tapping one or two buttons compared to moving your wrist? Why is it more "hardcore" to press a button instead of make a slight, simple motion?

Then what's up with this?

"What is so threatening about motion control? Namely, sacrifice: sacrificed precision, and sacrificed content."

For some games, maybe. Others, definitely not. For all of the faults in Conduit on Wii, it has the most precise (and customizable) controls of any console FPS released so far. Yet so many of the "hardcore" haven't copped to as much, and didn't say so for Metroid Prime 3, either (despite Corruption's control scheme beating the heck out of dual analog).

Motion control isn't for everything, but it CAN work in hardcore games. It doesn't need to be shoe horned into EVERYthing, but it's an increasingly viable option.

Gun_Senshi3472d ago

Pleasure of gaming is coming from day's work and sitting on a comfy sofa playing.

To hell with motion sensor. I hated EyeToy (my father bought it for "family") and Wii controls suck (Hurray for old school control option)

If you want motion crap just me option to play with controller NORMALLY.

N4g_null3472d ago

Well it's no wonder you hate motion controls the eye toy sucks really bad too. Try the conduit and red steel 2 maybe... you will see the light.

Foxgod3472d ago

Bring it on, controllers will always lack the feeling of true interactivity with a game.

Motion controls = More interactivity = stronger feeling of being in the game!

Gun_Senshi3472d ago

so you want to sacrifice accuracy and response time just to wiggle controller even if its a small thing.

I hated resistance for having to wiggle controller to release stupid chimera that grab you. bloody annoying.

LevDog3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

So once you get a job.. Cause its obvious you dont have one.. Your gonna spend 8 or maybe 10 hours a day working your butt off.. Come home and want to hop around the livingroom? Jumping behind couches and holding your arms up? No.. You will want to come home relax on the couch and use a controller.. So I suggest get a job and work 8 hours and see if you want to hop around..

Edit.. At below.. I agree.. Motion Control is here if you like it or not.. But The future of gaming? Replacing the controller? I think not.. I would give up gaming if it did that.. Im a warehouseman at a goverment depot and I work my butt off alllllllll day.. The last think I want to do is come home and waggle my butt and arms around..

Crayon3472d ago

Not necessarily. Games on the other consoles (360 and PS3) sell better than games on the Wii, even with a smaller install base. Sure the Wii has a big install base, but the Wii owners aren't devoted gamers like most PS3/360 owners are.

Plus, I like the idea for Motion Control for SOME games. But not all of them. Like what Gun Senshi said, I like to come home from work or school and sit down on my couch and play with my 360 rather than my Wii.

With motion control being enabled for all consoles soon, the gaming industry is going to change. Gaming won't even be recognizable in 10 years if motion control takes over, it will be more like virtual reality rather than a video game.

EvilTwin3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

Gun_Senshi -- You won't sacrifice accuracy in ALL games. In some, yes. And that's why there will always be a place for a traditional controller.

But as Dragon says below, look at the control in something like Metroid Prime 3, or more recently, Conduit. They are the best-controlling console FPS games I've ever played. They are faster, more accurate, and now more customizable than dual analog. And the IR pointer controls are closer to a mouse/keyboard than dual analog will EVER get. If you're "wiggling" the control in these games, you're doing it wrong.

(Same goes for the Wii edition of RE4. It's the best version of the game available because the controls are so much better. The IR controls work well in a TPS, too.)

OTOH, I have no need for motion control in a boxing game or something, as my jab is not going to be faster than Manny Pacquiao's...and if I felt like working out, I'd go to the gym.

Gun_Senshi3472d ago

give me a choice and i am fine. I will choose old school controller.

funny how foxgod was anti motion controller until E3 2009

pippoppow3472d ago

Now just imagine next gen and beyond. I'm sure motions controls will keep evolving to rival any other control scheme, one day.

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DragonWarrior_43472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

I think the biggest problem is that patents are whats actually the issues here. If it weren't for patents, all systems would come with a motion wii like control and a regular controller. Whats wrong with swinging a ball n chain playing a game like Castlevania with Sony's motion control? Metroid on the Wii was freaking awesome, you telling me that was a bad idea?

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