Joystiq's video analysis of the Halo 3 Beta leak

Yesterdays leak of Halo 3 Beta footage was filled with surprises, so Joystiq watched it about ten times over, frame-by-frame to make sure they got all the juicy stuff so that you wouldn't have to.

To save the strong from spoilers, this post won't contain said juicy stuff but what was left on the cutting room floor. They left the hardcore map analysis of Last Resort (the new name of Zanzibar) out as the most significant changes are obvious to anyone who has run through Zanzibar a few times. The Mongoose ATV scenes also got axed for as exciting as it is to see it sliding along the beach, it didn't do anything unexpected. They're still wondering what's up with the lack of Elite's in multiplayer, but we've still got a few months to go.

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shotty4287d ago

Yeah this guys gonna get caught, they have the names of all the team members and even have the score so all they need to do is run a database check and pull up the games with those scores and contained those certain players and they can find the culprit.

calderra4287d ago

Yup. For the record, pretty much every leak ever has been follosed by bannination / etc. Nobody has ever been smart enough to figure out, randomly:
1) He managed to block out his own gamertag and demo info. Good start. Most people don't even get that far.
2) As said, Bungie keeps records of all game scores and players, so he's screwed there.
3) Bungie's records even record the times and locations of all the kills. All they need is one decent idea of the place and timing of a kill, and they can locate that in the system. Add in something as obvious as dropping a Bubble Shield or firing the Spartan Laser, and you might as well have a neon sign on yourself.