PSLS Review - Burnout Paradise : Big Surf Island

PlayStation LifeStyle: "Criterion has been very nice to Burnout Paradise owners. So nice, that they continue to actively support and interact with their community, even a year and a half after the game's initial release. Big Surf Island is just the latest in the deluge of content Criterion has set forth. Being the first DLC to bring with it new territory, a lot of pressure has been placed on Big Surf Island to perform."

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Lifewish3474d ago

great review and a game in general that i still need to pick up

ps3gamerkyle3474d ago

I love Burnout and this DLC was no exception.. It was a bit pricey, but that probably the only negative.

DoucheVader3474d ago

Nice I need to pick this up. I hear nothing but great things about it.

-EvoAnubis-3474d ago

This will have to be one of the many things on my backlog when I get back.

wolfehound223473d ago

Great expansion for a great game.